What I Like To Do In My Spare Time? It's NOT ALL About Cannabis... But It Should Be

6 months ago

I have the new tent set up, I spent the day cleaning out the 5-gallon buckets to transplant the seedlings and clones and I have the new temperature/humidity thermometer in hand. Thursday I will start the transplanting and making of clones; as Friday the new 1000w LED veg light will be delivered.

So watch for an update maybe this coming weekend

Today I spent some time out of the grow room; sad I know, and decided to share some of my other activities that I like to do when not in the grow room or gardening.

It's a blustery day outside with hit or miss rain showers (it's always like this on election day as I swear someone wants to keep me from voting). So to pass away the time before I can vote YES on Proposal 1 in my state to legalize recreational marihuana... I spent part of my morning in the homestead kitchen whipping up some homemade calendula Shea Butter soap.

Homemade Calendula Shea Butter Soap- made from my homegrown calendula flowers

To see the entire recipe and process check out my post on steemit.

I actually thought about making some homemade soap with some of my infused cannabis oil, but not sure how it would turn out. I know the smell of cannabis would dissipate over the day, and I'm thinking the pain relief properties may still be there. Not sure, but one day I think I'll experiment with it.

What Are My Other Hobbies?

  • Writing and reading
  • Watching (or listening) to college and pro football
  • Cooking and baking
  • Gardening
  • Learning (and teaching myself) new skills- did you know I can replace a sump pump and a garbage disposal? Yup sure can! I replaced a garbage disposal when I was 5 months pregnant with my youngest daughter.
  • Walking in the woods at the edge of our property or anywhere and foraging for new plants
  • My dog! Anything to do with her I spend 24/7 with her and she knows me best of all (see her below)

So how about you? What else is in your life besides cannabis?

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Homemade Soap is a good hobby, I'm impressed!

In addition to marijuana, I enjoy photography and the produce of souvenirs.
And of course, marijuana does not interfere with my passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency))
In dreams, to organize a public movement advocating the legalization of marijuana in my country


Oh yes! Proactive with a movement! That would be a grand thing to be involved in!
Once my state (hopefully) passes the recreational law today, I am thinking of checking into more local advocacy groups- cause you know they will be coming up.

You're an amazing granma attending to a grandaughter with psoriasis, you bring memories to my granny, anyway, I don't grow cannabis but when I manage to have a spare time I'm into sports like basketball and MMA and playing instruments piano and guitar and sometimes I'm into reading and baking while checking my trades at different crypto sites and also doing my cleaning and laundry I seldom go out with friends. I enjoyed much chatting with online friends I met and feels safe with them though they're only a handful. And yes your dog looks wonderful.



Thank you!!


you are welcome! 😄

Very good publication @goldedawne I congratulate you. Although we love Cannabis there is life beyond. In my spare time I like to read, go to the movies, listen to music, play the guitar and enjoy good live music. I also like cooking especially the pastry and enjoy my three cats.


See... I love learning new things about the people I encounter and value their opinions.
And so true.. we do have lives beyond cannabis. Granted my life revolves around the home, garden, grow room and family, but in the spare time I do have, I need to unwind.


so it is necessary to disconnect from time to time.

Great post! Thanks!!!

My #1 would easily be Surfing. Even though I don't get to do it as much as I'd like to. Also, now that I live in California, I'm loving just being outside and going for walks.


Oh I love walks! Especially in new areas and state parks. I always find some pretty cool plants to take pictures of.

thats a really cute pup! my little guy loves to lounge around in my garden so i made him a little space to lie under the tree sized plants


Awww, that was so sweet of you!
My gal loves to go into my greenhouses and sniff the plants. She does NOT like my citronella at all! It made her sneeze.

Wow! I didn't know that you have a talent like that! Do you have a business of making soap from that flower?


No not a business. But I do make homemade wine, lotions, salves and soaps for holiday gifts.

My middle grand-daughter (who happens to turn two today) suffers from psoriasis and I make her a Goat's Milk based oatmeal and honey soap. It is SO LUXURIOUS!!


Wow! You are an amazing lady! Talented! If I am there, we will do a business and all will be homemade! Hehehe...

You so awesome, i know your great work here and in steemit.

  • I pick around on my guitar sometimes.
  • Bought the materials to make candles with my kids.(We haven't tried it yet.)
  • I'm always working on my house like a handyman because I rather not pay someone what I can do myself.
  • I manage a Professional Football team!(Fantasy Football)

I haven't tried to make candles yet either- although it is on my DIY Bucket List!
I mean... I make soap, garden, preserve, dehydrate, can, make my own lotions, tinctures.. geez you'd think I'd be knee-deep in candlemaking too!

My son was a user though he didn't show it since it's not legal in our country. As a mother, I just gave him my love and support so he won't overdo it. I once told him: "son, whether you admit it or not I know you're using marijuana so I must tell you this: please don't overuse else you will end up in a rehab" I hugged him and he cried. Without sating anything. I gave him vitamins and a supply of fresh milk. Well, he's very intelligent and an athlete too. I know when he uses one when he felt pained from his right arm operation.

I admire such strong women as you. In spite of your suffering, you remain an optimistic person, in whom everything happens according to the scenario that you write yourself.
I am one of the best chefs with a howl of the city, and we can talk on culinary topics for days at a time. I also am a bookseller and collect books. And of course I read them and read a lot!
signed up

Beautiful sharing, I'm new here

@goldedawne I congratulate you for a Very good publication...

Gardening and blogging yet.... cannabis :O

Yes... Yes it should be🙌

so now we'll get to meet in the hazy fields of smoke.io.

that shea-butter calendula soap looks amazing and homegrown is always the best...

I'll make sure to checkout your post on steemit, too!