Trim, Glorious Trim... So Much To Work With & So Many Upcoming Plans To Use It

8 months ago

If there's one thing to learn about me... it's that I LOVE TRIM!

I can use this trim from the most recent harvest and crop to make edibles, canna-butter, salves, infused oils, tincture and the list goes on... and on.

I've been looking for new recipes; aside from the traditional brownies, cookies, Krispy Treats. I have a recipe for caramel I've been wanting to try out; but never seemed to have enough trim on-hand to make it. Now I do!

I've also been looking at making some Cannabis gummies. I found a recipe the other that appeared super easy and all I need to do is buy two special ingredients and the little silicone molds and I can make them.

Already told Mr Golden D this morning as I jarred up some of the trim to start taking orders and requests from his buddies. I have tons of trim... I'm going to go buy some heavy cream to make canna-butter and I'll be heading to the craft store to find some little molds; or I'll just order online.

I am abut three-quarters of the way through the final trim of the last harvest so I can get all these beautiful buds into their curing jars. This is such a tedious task; and probably the least liked of all the growing processes. It's such a strain on your back, neck and eyes.

In the picture to the right is a one gallon glass jar about three-quarters full, one empty gallon jar for the trim in the green bowl (I'm going to let it dry out some more in the paper bag in the picture). I may need to buy a third gallon glass jar for what remains to be trimmed today.

I don't like to overfill the jars; as I like to allow air to circulate. And I am a firm believer in that if you squeeze too much into a jar it can cause the trim to mold. I do open the glass jars periodically to allow air to circulate; just as you would do during the curing stage. You can never be too careful.

But it has to be done!

I still have to do the final trimming on the OG Kush, the Super Silver Haze and one more AK47. WHEW!! But on the positive side of this monotonous chore is that I'll have even more trim.

I'll share some more images about the final trim and all the glorious jars filled with the buds another day.

Today I plan on making some more cannabis tincture, as the supply I have now is slowing disappearing and I will need the tincture to make the gummies later on. I also want to get some more salve made up as I only have one jar left. Hubby helped out a friend who suffers from chronic lower back pain from a sciatica nerve issue and the guy LOVED it. He said it took the edge of the pain off for a few hours at a time. Success!

Now that The Weed Tube is up and running, I may consider doing a video tutorial about what I make and how to make the recipes.


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As always great article)
I also think that trim is a very undervalued raw material.
I am discouraged when I hear that some growers throw their trim like garbage.
When my harvest is ends, the leaves many times save me very much.


BLASPHEMY!! I hold trim to the highest regard and value.
Someone once told me they threw it away too. I never understood that. So much value in that so-called garbage.

The trim is nice part of the weed itself, a good grower would not toss away, or maybe they should toss it into my backyard, lol


Oh no!!! NEVER toss it out!
I've been tempted to even ask others who grow and don't use it if I can have theirs. But I;m always hesitant because I don't know their grows and how they tend to their plants.

omg become my wife please ...