Sorry For My Absence Yesterday! Manic Monday Woes

2 years ago

Some days life takes you by the short hairs and just shows you who is boss

In other words... Manic Mondays suck

new ak2.jpg

I barely even spent time in the grow room Monday

Mondays always seem to get away from me before I know; hence my absence from yesterday.

See, over the weekend I spend a lot of time with my husband, as he works 10-12 shifts six, sometimes seven, days a week and Sunday is our only real day to spend together; even if we're just binge-watching American Horror Story, watching some football or doing small home repairs. Sundays are our sanctuary days together. I may make a quick post here, or on another blogging platform I belong to, but I am pretty much MIA online.

So when Monday morning rolls around and I ship him out the door to work at 5:30AM, it is usually a hustle-and-bustle time for me to get back to work myself. But for the last four Mondays I have had my Monday mornings preoccupied with physical therapy. No fun... no fun at all. And by the time I get home, the morning is almost over.

Well yesterday was no different with the exception I was super focused on getting caught up with some other posts on other platforms, still dealing with a master-bath plumbing issue and not feeling 100% up to par. Thank goodness, better today

I have most of my online blogging schedule in order, I even have picked up a few other writing, curating and scouting gigs over the last two weeks and I am ready to get my OCD butt in gear.

Grow Room & Changes Are Coming... Time To Get Ready For Some Busy Days

  • Need to settle the soil in the new 5-gallon clone/seedling buckets and fill to the top
  • Get some new tracking sheets in order for the clones heading into veg soon
  • Trimming and drying is ready to commence
  • Time to hang new lights (I bought a new 1000w LED veg light and it arrived
  • Start the clones for the next round and crop
  • Write some posts on about cloning, my Q&A series
  • Comment more as I have been lapsing in that area and that truly bothers me
  • Start doing some curating and promos for

It is a never-ending cycle of work, posts and more here. But I've never been happier.

By the time I settled in yesterday to start a post it was time for me to start dinner, so I set it aside, took a hit of my Grape Ape vape and knew today was another day and I could start fresh. It was amazing how stressed I felt and how the GA really took the edge off and helped me calm down.

We got about four inches of snow overnight (ick and yuck) so I am indoors getting caught up on tasks, cooking, blogging and commenting. No way I'm heading outdoors; I am NOT a snow person at all. Pretty to look at, putrid to deal with.

So I have to ask... when stressed and you feel as if your world is passing you by with no way to catch up, what do you smoke to alleviate the pressure?

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Missed u.... On Monday


Awww, thank you. Mondays are crazy for me, but once the physical therapy is done (three more weeks I hope) I can get back to normal and be a homebody and hermit... never leaving my home or the homestead

i feel you on that , like i wanted to just turn the phone off when it's my hubby's day off , but that's okay family matters more. online world will be just there whenever we come back. I hope you somehow feel better by this time my dear


Oh I know! We have so little time together and I just want to shut out the world when we do have a day together.

Sunday we got caught up on Season 4 of AHS and then watched a football game... all while in our jammies- it was GREAT!

I Smoke Pink Kush and sit on the Couch. Upsmoked and Resmoked .


Time to reflect and let your mind rest... I get it!


Yes. Most days,

I would have to grow cannabis :(. Life is so damn unfair!


lol- yeah it can be.
You need to relocate to somewhere you can grow... then you can wash away all the worries, right?

hope you get through physical therapy soon! Im sure that cold and snow isn't helping :( .

Makes me happy i movd to the tropics!

We missed ya yesterday, your grows always give me ideas for the ones I am working on


Thank you!!! Ahhhh the tropics
There was a time a few years ago when I was writing solely online and publishing articles and bringing in some pretty good money and we had talked about relocating to Panama, or somewhere in northeastern Mexico.... day dreaming

What a nice Klitzerweiss


lol- I had to google Klitzerweiss to see what it was! And thank you!!


Haha. Cool.
Do not believe an official word.
Sorry :-)
beautiful evening

Howdy! Hope you´re feeling fine now... I do not like snow either. That is the reason why we are in Spain the whole winter ´cause they have a milder weather here. Wish you well and here´s to your health , CHEERS!

good business )))

Is it free to sell weed in your place? (^_^) This was a good business if ever...