Restocking & Making Cannabis Infused Oil

2 years ago

Making More Cannabis Infused Oil For Future Culinary & Medicinal Uses

The last time I made cannabis-infused oil I only used olive oil; this time I decided to mix it up a little and use some avocado oil and some coconut oil.

I use this oil for cooking and baking, saute'ing food, in some edibles and also for making my cannabis lotion and salve. You can never have enough on hand for use.

I had about 4 ounces of avocado oil so after I filled the pint size canning jar with cured/dried about three-quarters of the way with broken up trim, I added the avocado oil. To break up the trim, I just crumbled it in between my fingers. DO NOT make the cannabis into a powder. You can grind it up some to break up the THC from the buds and sugar leaves, but if you grind too much and it becomes powdery, you can ruin the infused oil because you won't be able to strain off the cannabis and separate from the oil.

I added about 6-ounces of the solid form coconut oil on top of the cannabis; taking about 3-ounces and letting it turn to liquid in the microwave to get the oil to start melting and to avoid it burning in the small slow cooker I have specifically for these types of projects.

Add about 1-2 cups of regular water to the slow cooker then place the prepared cannabis oil jar into the slow cooker. DO NOT allow any water to get into the jar as this will ruin your oil.

Turn the slow cooker on low and let it cook for about four hours. Make sure to stir it occasionally to prevent it from burning. Use a wooden spoon to do this.

Periodically check the temperature of the oil to make sure it doesn't go over 230-degrees. If it reaches past this temperature, you risk the chance of heating it too high which can cause the THC to break down, rendering the oil less potent. Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature.

When you are checking the temperature or using the wooden spoon to slowly stir the mixture, you may need to add more oil. Midway through this cooking process, I did add in an additional 3-ounces of coconut oil. The cannabis will start to absorb the oils and has the tendency to get weighed down (hence the need to stir it) and some of the oil may slowly evaporate form the cooking and simmering, so make sure to keep the cannabis submerged under enough oil.

There are other ways to make cannabis-infused oil; using the crock pot as I did here, making a double-boiler on the stove top or by just adding the oil to the jar of cannabis and letting it sit for at lest six weeks on a dark shelf or in a cupboard until the THC and oil have infused together. If you have the time to do the latter of the three processes it is just as good as heating the oil to infuse the oil.

Once the oil is done infusing, remove the jar from the slow cooker and strain through cheesecloth. Discard the wet cannabis and pour the oil into another (clean) glass jar. Can be used immediately if made in a double-boiler or in the crock pot.

Oil will remain good for about three months and can be stored in the refrigerated to extend life and potency.

Side note Using the coconut oil that I used mixed with the avocado oil will make this infused oil more of a solid form, so keep that in mind. I wanted a more solid oil this time as I am using it for more salve and lotions.


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I am having mixed results with hard candy. But it is good just hard to pour. Only part of them look good. But practice makes perfect and though they might not be the prettiest they work. I think I need to get a pan I can pour from easier.


I agree. Using a bowl with a pouring spout, or even a glass measuring cup may work. I tend to be a little shaky so I have to take my time when pouring.

Just talked with hubby and was telling him what I was planning on making and he gave me some good ideas.

must your post be unique? keep this good posting up,am proud to have a gentle WHALE as a friend.keep smoking.


Thank you for your kind words! So happy you enjoy my posts as much as you do!

This is so great when I see people having so much Herb to experiment in cuisine.


Oh I know!!! I am ALL about the trim! I love experimenting and finding new uses for it.

Dope!! gotta try this ... always wanted to make oil


It's super easy to make especially in a small slow cooker- just set it up and let it cook, Stir every so often and it doesn't really stink up the house.

You are officially a legend in my book. What a great tutorial. Learned something new and will refer back to this when this day comes.


awww thank you!
I try to do new experiments and recipes when I can. I have made infused oils for years but just started making the cannabis one in the last year. I LOVE the versatility of it.

Keep good posting. Keep smoking