New Flowering Crop Has Begun: Welcome To The Jungle

6 months ago

I think Guns 'N Roses said it best... Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to the jungle we've got fun and games
We got everything you want honey, we know the names

And the names are Hulk Berry, Gorilla Zkittles, OG Kush and MORE!

Today is Day One of flowering these beauties!

Just peeking in on the large flower tent (48x48x80) it reminds me of a little mini jungle in my third bedroom. On the right (directly in front of the image) are the Gorilla Zkittlez which have grown SO MUCH over the last two weeks. They have stretched towards the lights more than I had expected and I know they will grow a little more during the flowering stage; as did my favorite grow of Sour Diesel. I am (fingers crossed) hoping this will be the best of the best of my grows to date. Just looking at the healthy stems, seeing the dark green (nitrogen filled) leaves and the areas I have either topped or FIMmed during the veg state are looking quite promising. I'll take some images of those areas for a future post.

In the left image is the large flowering tent again but focusing more on the Hulk Berry plants (on the far left) and the OG Kush right next to them.

In the left picture is my smaller flowering tent with Cheese and Critical plants.

These are looking exceptionally healthy too!

Is it just me... or with every turn of the grow process do you get SUPER excited?

I look at all my girls and just sigh with such pride. Every day when I open the tents to check on them, water, record the temperatures and humidity levels or to just say good morning, I can't help but smile from ear to ear.


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The lighting makes it look like a place from Avatar movie 😍 You have made a such beautiful grow room set up!! Just love it!!

With 💕,

I could live in here.
Your plants look awesome @goldendawne :)

i love youuuuuu hhaha

Your plants look Gorgeous! Your grow room is so nice and clean and everything is in order. I have recently upgraded, nothing fancy just a old cupboard I rescued. One day I hope to go big :-)

What a beautiful sight!

Lovely ladies !

I would be smiling too! Your grow is looking beautiful. You have quite the system in place and motivate me to continue my best.

in the jungle the mighty jungle... The nugs sleep toniiight!!

Your garden always makes me so giddy lol!

Such beautiful colors in your garden!

Beautiful plants. Good luck in the future and have a nice day!

Your jungle is awesome @goldendawne

Uuu OG Kush is one of my favorites. They look apsolutly fantastic and will give planty of harvest.

Awesome garden !!! i am immpressed

It’s absolutely Incredible. Upsmoked and Resmoked.