My Witnesses & Why I Chose Them- @howhigh Witness Contest 1

8 months ago

So this "Witness Contest" is complimentary of @howhigh (Thank you for doing this to help bring the importance of who the witnesses are, what they do and how they ARE the blockchain.

Above are the 20 witnesses I have voted for on and below are the reasons why I chose each of them.

So Let's Get Started...

  • @bbq-iguana - does a weekly update of their witness as well as the "State Of The Witness" series; where you can learn about the witnesses. GREAT member who is very transparent with the weekly updates.

  • @blackman - we all know about the Smoke plagiarism bot- THANK YOU for that one! and also the "Welcome" bot. Two great tools to have here! And let's not forget about AFIA- yeah! AWESOME notification tool!

  • @blckchnd- If you check out this link you will see all about the work being done behind the scenes from this witness. The post even has a picture tutorial on how to deposit SMOKE to RuDEX. easy, easy if you don't know how And it's these little tips that help newbies.

  • @chronocrypto - HAVE you seen what they are doing? Continuing development and working with tools! CHECK the page out! You will be amazed at all the work they're doing! See all about SmokeD here too!

  • @curationbro - is a duo team of members, @savagelion and @z3ll, who has been known to host a few contests already on the platform; which is GREAT for interaction and engagement among the members.

  • @graylan - in their witness intro post they are offering to keep members updated on new tools and helping new members and users to find their success on the platform.

  • @grow-op - is a trio @elliot, @acid, and @devils-lettuce) of members. They say they are "a team of seasoned DPoS enthusiasts" and they will be working on the development of user-friendly tools for the platform as well as having a backup node; for just in case. Always good to be prepared in my book.

  • @howhigh - is another VERY active SMOKE member who comments, resmokes and interacts with members daily. Again... this is great! They will be doing a lot of work behind-the-scenes as well as, and I quote: "I want to be a secure participant in overseeing the blockchain and it's functionality".

  • @jrswab - is working on the "Smoke Witness Hot Box" to help witnesses with setting up. They state, "will be improved to increase simplicity as we progress as a network and community". So this is a great thing to have if you're thinking of becoming a witness for the first time.

  • @lucashunter - is a professional Internet Marketer and has many years experience and plans on bringing that knowledge to the platform and is also looking at community tokens for the site.

  • @mister-meeseeks - plans in giving weekly updates and has an adamant advocate to keep plagiarism off the platform. He is in full support of the advancement of this community and platform.

  • @moonblocks - is run by @heaterville and @bitcoinparadise and they are all about community and community building. They want to create "a social mesh network" where people and members can cross-promote, create growth, expand their online social presence, and create a tokenizing web.

  • @murda-ra - AKA Digital Lucifer- works with the RPC nodes that keep the blockchain flowing and going where it needs to.

  • @nathansternx - is a meber of the 420smokers team and of course to be an advisor/witness for They're also VERY technology-orientated and that is a great asset to have on the blockchain.

  • @powerpicswitness - an adamant member and witness against many "drama-issue" topics like circle-jerking and bullying on the platform. Know about the CannaBit token? Well you can find out more from this witness.

  • @props4crops - is the co-founders of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition and has been i the cannabis industry for many years and states he will be promoting and raising awareness of the community as witness.

  • @roelandp - is a developer and quite a famous witness from steemit. He has scripts for Graphene chains that he may be able to transfer over to He's also responsible for the steem wallet app.

  • @skylinebuds - is a VERY active member and witness; which I personally LOVE.It's great to have witnesses making the rounds, commenting and interacting. Sometimes on other blogging blockchains, you never know a witness.

  • @subways - first signed up on this blockchain back in April 2017- so they have been here all along. They are all about community, will be giving weekly updates and are looking into "Maximum Witness Up-time" (which I would love an explanation of as I am witness-dumb)

  • @trees - just recently added a backup node and is open to ideas, thoughts and suggestions from the community on how to advance

So there you have it- the twenty witnesses I have voted for to date with a little explanation of each.

When I vote for a witness they need to meet certain criteria; such as are they active in the community, do they give updates weekly, are they about community, what apps and tools have they played a roll in bringing to the platform and finally, what kind of previous experience as a witness do they have?

You can enter too! See the contest post here


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"Maximum Witness Up-time" (which I would love an explanation of as I am witness-dumb) I think he means not having his main go down and having a back up if it does go down.


Ahhhh... that would make sense then.


Spot on, thanks @skylinebuds

great trick I like it


What trick?

Hey girl, thank you for your support!


You're very welcome and thanks for all you do for SMOKE and its members!

Thank you for your vote @goldendawne


You're very welcome! And thanks for being a witness here. I do appreciate it.

Thanks kindly @goldendawne:)


You're welcome @props4crops

Perfectly selected, seems we share the same view for witnesses here. Lets keep supporting them they mean well for this community


They (the witnesses) truly are the brains, backbone and work horses of the SMOKE-system. Without them.. we are not here.

@moonblocks is honored to have your support. That is such a wonderful breakdown on your reasons why you vote for who you do.

We hope to do some great things as the others in the list we're are mentioned with. That is an honor itself.



You're welcome @bitcoinparadise!
This is the first time I have EVER been on a platform from the beginning of its open to the public (not sure how to say it)... and I like being able to go through ALL the witnesses and find ones that support the same ideology.

Thanks @goldendawne . i agree i know most witness are never active and that is not what i want from any of them. Plus smoke being such a baby we need active members giving back to the community.


You're welcome!!

I actually had to drop one of the witnesses I had originally voted for this past week. They seemed to fall off the radar for two weeks.


Yeah that is not good we need active witness and not active on discord only we need them here.. Hell i know a few that don't even chime in to discord and they are top 20 so.

Superb post, @goldendawne, hopefully the rest of the Smoke community will be as diligent as you. Thank you for your support as well!


You're welcome and thank you for the support you've given me with my posts as well.