Marijuana Use For Opioid Addiction Rings True In My House

2 years ago

Last week I wrote a post for @smokehostel420 about The Controlled Substances Act & The DEA's Schedule 1 Drug List and over the last week my TV screen has been riddled with anti-cannabis political ads.

I live in a state where there is a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in one week

Earlier today I was reading some posts and articles online about how US President Trump had signed an executive order (see resource link below for information) and what really got me upset was seeing these statistics.

And this statistic REALLY enraged me...

In 2016, more than 11.5 million Americans ages 12 and older reported misuse of prescription opioids in the past year, and nearly 950,000 Americans reported heroin use in the past year.

My husband is a statistic in that number. He is one of the 11.5-million Americans who are addicted to prescribed opioids. It started years ago when he was suffering from bulging discs in his back and herniated issues along his spine near his neck. He has degenerative issues as well. thanks to his career and being subjected to standing on his feet for a minimum if ten hours a day for three decades

His primary care physician sent him to a back, neck and spine specialist who ended up performing surgery on him back in 2013. He then continued his rehabilitation with visits to a pain management doctor; who prescribed Schedule 1 opioids for the pain. Now keep in mind this was WAY back in 2013

Since then, my husband has been on these doctor prescribed opioids since then. Five years and counting.

Over the last few years he has been asking his doctor to lower the doses of his medications. The doctor has obliged his request so far, but this is becoming such an issue.

Have you ever tried to find a pharmacy who willingly will fill and refill prescriptions for controlled prescribed medications?

One time last winter, I spent three hours driving from pharmacy to pharmacy to fill one prescription. Nothing is more demeaning when a pharmacy clerk or pharmacist looks at you when you hand over this prescription and practically rolls his or her eyes and immediately deems you lower than low for wanting to fill this medication.

Well over the last six to nine months, hubby has been smoking some cannabis, I made him some hash and he's been eating my edibles or even hitting my e-cig CBD vape. He has skipped taking some of his prescribed opioids because he is not suffering from withdrawal side effects and I was more than thrilled with this development. Maybe... just maybe cannabis was his escape from being addicted and bypassing the withdrawal symptoms

Well two months ago at his bi-monthly pain management doctor appointment, he got drug tested. The doctor didn't say anything at the time, but I was sitting in a position where I could see his drug test results. He tested faint for cannabis. As I said nothing was mentioned during the visit. But I know someone who was also seeing a pain management doctor and she was also consuming cannabis.

On her third faint test result for cannabis, her doctor refused to write her prescription for her medication and told her she was no longer a patient in the office.

Ahhh, I see. Write the prescriptions, get you addicted then when you try and find relief on your own, the doctors boot you to the door

Well... thank you!

So the way we see it now, hubby can test one more time positive for marijuana or he'll get the ol' heave ho out the door too.

Now... what is a person to do regarding addiction to prescribed opioids versus only using cannabis to treat pain and opioid withdrawal symptoms? Take the chance that the cannabis consumed will take care of the withdrawals? Tell the doctor to kiss your a$$? Or tempt fate and continuing using marijuana to ease off the medications?

Deep down... one day... I almost want to sue these pain management doctors who prescribe these Schedule 1 pills, get you addicted and then leave you high and dry (no pun intended here) when you try to help yourself.

What good are these doctors really doing for you?

It's all about the bottom line and almighty dollar for them.

In our state, you now have to sign a form stating you are aware that this doctor is the only doctor who can write Schedule 1 prescriptions for you. More or less... this means... no doctor shopping. One doctor is all that you can have giving you these horrible pills.

Marijuana for medical use is key right now. If President Trump truly wants to stop the opioid crisis happening here in the US, he needs to get the DOJ to change their stance on the legalization. He (Trump) needs and attorney general who will stand for what the majority of the country wants. Legalization of marijuana for recreational use, honestly is not as important to me, but I can see the benefits of making it that way. From the revenue to the jobs that are created. Across the board marijuana should be made legal at the federal level; or as Trump wants it to be, all states declare their own laws about legalization.

I don't want my husband to be another statistic due to his untimely death from these pills.

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Well you already know why so many anti-cannabis campaign. they very well know that most opioids addicts could be set free within no time thanks to cannabis, with no side effect!

But when there's dollar bills to make, you can be sure than big pharmas will thrive on crisis, pray on the one in need, and do everything in their power to keep it that way,
And if you dare criticizing the "modus operandi", well you are a conspiracy theorist :P

Thanks for sharing your story, we all trying to figure out ways to help the one we love, with other ways that what we are being offered


most opioids addicts could be set free within no time thanks to cannabis, with no side effect

Amen to that!

It's sad because those 11.5 million addicted people, I would venture to say/guess 3/4 of them could be opioid free if marijuana was readily available and legal.

And if you dare criticizing the "modus operandi", well you are a conspiracy theorist

Yup!! Been called that many times

My old man would pop Vicodin like candy for his back(bulging discs). Moved on to Norco , or Hydrocodone. He smoked herb everyday, used both opioids and cannabis together. I'd just try to get him better herb each time I saw him.

Reading shit like this makes me angry.


Oh... yes I can completely relate to this.
Vicodin, percocet, Norco, Oxycodone, morphine... you name it, it's been in my home.

I am supportive of my husband and knowing he is the one who wants off the meds so much makes me even more determined to help him.

what confuses me some days is that the doctor is the one who keeps pushing them upon him. how sad is that?


The fucking pharmaceutical companies just give free samples to most doctors. The doctors themselves get high on the shit and just push it onto the patients. I read the largest pharmaceutical company was going to stop sending "free samples" to the doctors (dealers). Don't have a link to back that up though.


I have such a downward view of some of the medical profession- especially the pain management area.

Some of them (pain Mgmt) seem to be pushers and dealers like you said.

I have family members addicted to opiates then when I got injured and needed pain management I knew opiates was not a long-term choice for me at all. It's one thing to need it for a few days to get over really bad spell but I will not use opiates if I can avoid them. I made the decision that I would risk being a labeled criminal versus being addicted to that crap. But it makes me upset that I even have to risk being a criminal


It is such a shame that they are viewed in this way (the use of opiates and the people who use them). Criminalized for medical treatment. And now they (the government) is coming down hard on all involved and once again, the people using them are criminalized in some way. But what about the doctors who continue writing the prescriptions? What happens to them?

You lay it out well, and it's a twisted stinking wreck of an excuse for 'healthcare', where the real goal is perpetuation of sickness.

One thing to take heart from - as it seems to me - is the simple fact that weed is increasingly being accepted as a medicine, and, with a label of 'legal' soon to come, it's superiority to prescription drugs will also become more obvious. Simultaneously, the closed 'one-doctor-only-prescription'-type system will, at some stage, lose the cloak of bullshit 'authority' it currently has, and be exposed for the heartless racket that it is.

If you guys are inclined to take the jump and preempt the third 'faint' strike, I wish you all courage and luck...may it come good, may cannabis free him! 🔆 🔆 🔆