Making Homemade Canna-Butter: Cheaper Than At A Dispensary & MUCH Better

3 years ago

butter pot.jpg

Homemade butter makes the best canna-butter BY FAR

Almost a month ago, my second post on was how to make real homemade butter when making the best possible canna-butter. When you make your own butter, versus just buying butter from a store's dairy department, you are eliminating the water from the butter. The water and excess moisture you find in store bought (commericialized) butter will dilute your canna-butter; which means the potency will be lowered. And we don't want that, do we?

So check out the link above about making homemade butter. And once you have that made and it has chilled for 24-hours, you can proceed and make canna-butter.

So let's get to it!

Measure out the amount of cannabis you want. I used 6-ounces of trim per one-pound of homemade butter here. You can also use ground up buds if you prefer; but I usually have enough trim to go around to making canna-butter here.

While it may seem like a lot of trim to use, I prefer to have a lot when making cannabutter so it gives the edibles I am making more punch; and I have never had any complaints.

Start melting the homemade butter on a VERY low heat. You don't want to burn it. Then add in the measured cannabis trim, or bud. Let melt over low heat. It takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of butter used.

NOTE- UPDATE Keep canna-butter at a rolling simmer to reach at least 100-degrees for 30 minutes and stir often - Thank you @indica for the reminder!

After the cannabutter has chilled and set for at least 24-hours, you can use it or cut for later use. I usually cut it into chunks that weigh out out to be anywhere from 2 tablespoons to 1/3 cup. These pieces (on the left) are about 2-3 tablespoons each. Then I freeze wrapped in wax paper placed inside a Ziploc bag.

buter final.jpg

Ready for the freezer. To use the canna-butter you need to defrost it for about 2-3 hours before using in an edibles' recipe. I don't recommend using a microwave to defrost and thaw it out.

Total cost for one-pound of homemade canna-butter was $5... dispensary cost for one-pound of canna-butter is anywhere from $25-$50 depending on geographical location.

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I find that the longer you cook/ simmer it the better/stronger the butter ends up. At first, I simmered it similar like you - for a half an hour - hour, Now I simmer it for at least 3 hours and if I have time even up to 6 hours. Experimenting never ends :)


Oh I agree! I love experimenting with all the things I make. I can see how the longer simmering process would be good. I may have to consider that with my next batch. I like to keep a good stock in the freezer.


Lucky you, 😃 Try to do a comparison short and long simmered. That would be very interesting.
To make the butter smell and taste less like weed (not my preference) I melt the butter again in water and freeze it, untill the water is crystal clear. Now all impurities should be gone.

Do you ever use the bud for canna flour after? i use this to help make them that much stronger but if you add to much all you taste is bud


No I have never done that.. yet
How do you grind it up? And what measurements- like, replace one or two tablespoons of canna-flour for regular flour?


Yeah if it calls for 2 cups i would do like 1/4 cup canna flour maybe 1/2 cup at most but i wouldn't do much more then 1/2 cup to 2 cups as you can really taste the weed


hmmm, i think i need to look this up.

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I LOVE cooking with cannabutter. I love cannacooking period! Nothing like a good mellowed out meal, as I call them!

Do you think there's risk of contaminants present in bud/hash to be unsafe when producing edibles? Or think it's fine if cooked enough?


I did forget to mention in the post that you need to have the cannabutter in the rolling simmer for 30 minutes- which I will update.

But at a rolling simmer the temperature should reach 100-degrees which according to all my research (and I do can and preserve food) will kill of bacteria making the food safe for consumption.

This is quoted from the New York health dept...

Although, some bacterial spores not typically associated with water borne disease are capable of surviving boiling conditions (e.g. clostridium and bacillus spores), research shows that water borne pathogens are inactivated or killed at temperatures below boiling (212°F or 100°C).

I use a food thermometer when cooking (like the ones you use to test the internal temp of meat).


Cool, that's good to know, but perhaps my hash coffee isn't as safe as I once thought.. hmm

I hope PGRs and herbicides get destroyed by the heat too?


Interesting... not sure. But I'd definitely check into it.
I have never had cannabis coffee.. but I'd be curious to sample some.


contaminants such as pesticides and growth nutrients that weren't properly flushed out is a risk you run if the meds were not grown by you.

It's not known what effects these have on the health of cannabis users smoking or ingesting them but folks aren't reporting adverse effects so it's either cumulative or negligible

As always I love the post. Lots of information, Greats pics & easy to follow. I will try this and your homemade butter recipe. When I get some material together. Thank you! #PeaceLoveCannabis


It really is super easy to make. We only eat homemade butter here and canna-butter is GREAT on a toasted bagel.


Yeah I have made this with coconut oil to use in food that i would make for myself. I have never made homemade butter before but, definitely is something I want to try. Thank you again!

Simply yum. More awesome knowledge also, thank you so much.


You're welcome! I'm hoping to try some new recipes over the next few weeks to share here.

Wow.. I'm gonna do it, and it will be my breakfast forever 💚

wow, i wonder how that one would taste like?

hello there @goldendawne , i just arrived on the smokenetwork 😊


Welcome to the platform! GREAT to see a familiar person here.

you make it sound so easy

Making the butter at home has a slight learning curve but after you get it down, it is super easy and satisfying.

amazing right there @goldendawne though cannabis infused edibles is new to me since my place does not allow us to grow the stuff.


Edibles tend to last longer (in my opinion) than smoking cannabis- depending on the amount eaten and the THC percentage in the edible itself.

Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe! I haven't yet bought weed since it became legal here a few days ago, I am waiting for initial craze to die down a bit... ;)
I hope they will also sell trim, not just bud, if they do, I will definitely try your recipe! I shall let you know how it turned out... :D

I am actually naive in this field but with your post getting a lot of knowledge. Soon i'll become Heisenberg and i'll be the best cook in the underworld :)

Wow! So much quality, I just ... I wish I could take a bite :) (I love butter way too much)

Have You Used Ghee Before?

Great write up :) We're definitely into making better quality products, while also saving cash. :)

The only thing I would add is to make Ghee out of the butter first, or start with a good quality ghee. (there are some nasty brands out there, go for organic and quality)

Ghee absorbs more cannabinoids than straight butter and is quickly and easily digestible by even those who have issues with butter. :D

Keep up the good work!! :D