If Only Netflix Hadn't Cancelled "Disjointed"- We Need Another Good Cannabis TV Sitcom

8 months ago

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Back in July, we found the Netflix tv series called "Disjointed" starring Kathy Bates (whom I truly love as an actress) and we thrilled to see a sitcom that revolved around a cannabis dispensary.

The way Pete talked to his girls (who in one episode took on their own personalities and had voices to go along with it) made me think of myself and how I pamper my own gals. I could relate to Pete!

When they added Nicole Sullivan to the cast as a lonely housewife with a cheating husband, her character really added some more fun times to the show.

And Tae Kwon Doug? The annoying neighbor in the strip mall? Yeah... I sure miss this show!

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My husband's favorite characters were Dank and Dabby. He could and has been known to sit and laugh non-stop when these two were on screen. He loved the faces that Dabby would make.

We rarely can find a good sitcom that keeps our interest and this one, "Disjointed", really was one we were excited about.

We were almost through with the series (two seasons long) when I realized the show had been cancelled months before our viewing; and we were disheartened.

There were episodes; like in the second season when Kathy Bates' character hurt her back and we were trying to determine if she really was high for the scene on the sofa in the dispensary when she couldn't stop laughing. If she wasn't... then dang she's a better actress than I thought she was.

We've tried to watch other cannabis related TV show; like Weeds with Mary-Louise Parker. In the beginning this was a decent show but after the second season the show became boring, but I trudged on and stayed with it until the final season. I didn't care for how it ended and after the whole house burned down and we're moving closer to the US/Mexico border, etc... I was truly disappointed.

We tried to watch Viceland's Weediquette too but just could never really get into it.

Sometimes I would watch Vice's Bong Appetit, but here I want simple recipes; not culinary masterpieces.

I see Netflix has a cooking show with judges called Cooking On High now. Not sure if I will watch it s it hasn't been getting too good of reviews.

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How about you? What are some of your favorite TV shows with cannabis being the topic? How about the worst?

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The 'ol cheech and chong movies are a good fallback! (not really, they seem very dated when watched now - better kept in the memory ... )

Breaking Bad wasn't weed related, but it had all the themes, it will not be beaten for decades to come IMHO

Weeds you got bored? I was well into that and had such a massive crush on Mary-Lou I wanted to move to the states and find her lookalike asap! Didn't get bored until after season 3 tho ... maybe just S02 was slow? I'm trying to remember and think things got more crazy and dangerous a la Breaking Bad in later seasons - maybe check some reviews, you might be missing out there!


P.S. Now watching Silicon Valley all episodes - plenty of pot related themes going on there :)
Perhaps should make notes every scene there is weed .... that'd be a good post!


Oh Silicon Valley? Adding to my list

Cheech & Chong... classics! I can remember all my older brothers watching the movies and just laughing like there was no tomorrow! (well that and Blazing Saddles).

Weeds was good and decent in the beginning; I think it opened some eyes to people about the cannabis industry.

Breaking Bad? Oh there will never be a show to compete with that one. I loved Jessie; they had the best character/actor casting on that show. I think my favorite episode on BB was the one where Hank was in the bathroom and found the book connecting Walter to the Heisenberg name. Hank's face was priceless!

I heard about this show but never watched. Never really had the time. But now that GoT season is finished I am looking for a new show. I'm guessing you reccomend it?


I stopped with GoT in season 4. Life took over but some day I'll get back to it. Just saw the final season, 8 is it, is coming soon. I'll have to get back to it, but lately we've been binge-watching (when time allows) American Horror Story.


That series I heard is also interesting. Oh yes you have to catch up. It's amazing.

Just reading this made me LMAO! Man that was a really good show unfortunately towards the last season they writers were running out of material.

We are indeed overdue for another good cannabis soap opera lol. iguess it would be more of a pot opera in that manner

OMG how magnificent it would be to see and smoke at a cannabis themed Opera. sorry just had an ideagasm


I was surprised since it was created my Chuck Lorre (Two and a half men and Mom). He is quite a comedic genius to me. I can watch reruns of Charlie and Alan ALL day long if I had the time.

Ideagasm??? Too funny!

Oh! I'd love to see a reality show about growing. I think I saw somewhere that there's something called "The grow off", but I don't know if it's actually a tv show.

I'd watch that b/c the competition would be cool, but it would also be a great way learn (from watching pros).


Now that is an interesting idea!!! A reality grow show! I like that one!
Someone needs to pitch it to Viceland!!


Oh. Is that the one with the strain hunters? That's an awesome show too.

ohh... The problem is, NETFLIX is international. (^_^)


Can you not get Netflix where you're at?


We have here in UAE but very strict in movies, series, etc....


Oh... yes I had heard about that before. That is sad that a government can rule over what you can view or not view.


correct... Here in my place always NEWS BLOCK OUT!!! This what we are afraid... We do not know if there is war or bomb already explode!!! Like the missile came from nowhere direct to the ISRAEL! (^_^)

I'll have to give this show another chance, I initially watched a few minutes of the first episode and ddn't love it so gave up on it. I think at the time I was in the middle of watching Shameless and Nurse jacky and didn't have time for another series. I'll have to give this one another chance though

You are akways have a good content a professional blogger of all kind at anytime.


flattery alone doesn't earn SP and 35 rep like she has .... solid long slog for 2 years on steem then coming here.


Thank you @easyrider!!
Two years almost on steemit plus the 20+ years as newspaper reporter and freelance writer. Plus I'm a book geek and library nerd

Cool write-up @goldendawne. Dank & Dabby were rather funny but I couldn't bear to watch the rest of the show. Anything with a laugh track seems unauthentic and I usually tune out pretty quick.

The cannabis scene needs way better entertainment and coverage.

Right now my fav cannabis related show is Action Bronson's show on Vice: Fuck, That's Delicious.

Taxi Cab Confessions, Basketball, & Blunts: Fuck, That's Delicious (Episode 7)

is the best tv show i'v seen ever!!