How I Keep Organized & Stats On My Grows & My "Girls"

2 years ago

Just yesterday in my weekly WEEDiary update on my OG Kush plants, someone asked me how I know when to do things when I have plants in the flowering stage. So it got me thinking... let me share how I keep things organized and how I keep track of EVERY THING that happens daily when I check on, water and care for "my girls".

Each column has a purpose:

  • Column 1- Today's date
  • Column 2- Week of grow as well as the day of grow
  • Column 3- Amount of nutrients fed for the day
  • Column 4- Lighting hours
  • Column 5- Humidity in that grow tent
  • Column 6- Temperature of that grow tent
  • Column 7- Any additional notes, transplants, adding Big Budz for the week, trimming, FIMing, etc

I looked online at charts and grow chart suggestions but could never just find a basic one that I could print and use. So I went into my document program and made one of my own that had columns I needed and wanted to track things on. I save ALL the older grow chart pages too and have them labeled.

How many times have you ever thought... what happened with this strain last grow? Or the grow before?

For me it happens at least two or three times and it's nice to be able to go back and check things. Plus this helps me make sure to watch for certain conditions (over-watering, bud rot possibilities, etc).

I'm sure to some this may appear a little over-the-edge, but to me, it keeps me on task and helps me (plus this is my OCD coming out). I want to make sure I am growing and producing the BEST possible product and knowing where a mistake could have been made and then preventing it from happening again. Well by doing it this way I know I have the information needed at my fingertips.


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I'm sure to some this may appear a little over-the-edge

Naw, I completely understand that. Good data collection is important if you're really trying to learn.


That's how I feel too. More information is better to have then not enough.

You are on top of your Grows! I like that & I have to admit I am very bad at this. I have done lots of grows and have been known to plant 5-15 seeds n then not labeling any of them. I have to ReSmoke this so that it will help remind me. Shhh, I have just got a NEW sprout {Jack the Ripper} this morning. This will help me keep tabs on my grow. Thank you for Posting! #PeaceLoveCannabis


I guess in my past life when I was an administrative assistant the rules and task list stayed with me. I would document so much for my boss back then and I learned to have more than not enough. maybe that's where my OCD came from... him (the boss)!

Hope seeing this will help you remember to keep records.

Very in depth, as you said I bet it's great to look back on and learn from. Awesome dedication!


I'm anything if not meticulous to a fault. It's great to look back and see how you have evolved as a grower.

very good data to collect. makes me think about little raspberry pi devices and how they might be setup around plants to take in measurements automatically. Future next level ... legally grown produce tracked on a blockchain ;) Even manually, you're ending up with an awesome valuable dataset that could be plugged into some simple charting or spreadsheet. Top quality.


I wouldn't be surprised to see such technology coming; unless it's already available now. But I like the hands-on feel to growing too. I feel connected to the plants and can read them.

That's pretty organized.. much more so than I was


I'm just a little dorky this way. I like order, organization and keeping spreadsheets.
You should see my desk, folders and notes all over.

very organized! i'm sure this makes it easy to know what happened with what plants and keep good track of them!


Oh it sure does. VERY helpful and if someone asks me what day did I start flowering, etc.. I can answer easily instead of guessing.

Wow this may be the most organized garden log I have ever seen. I could learn a thing or 2 from you, my organizational skills suck and I'm sure I could benefit from a little note taking.


Thank you!! Yeah I am the Queen Of Organization here!

Wow i can't say i know many that keep track this much but i think i should take a lesson as i know nothing like this from old grows


Well, I am kinda meticulous and like to look back on things. Plus I keep a pretty tight schedule and to-do list going. I'm ALL about notes,notebooks and writing. I think it drives my hubby crazy some days.

Data is so important. Every grow is unique in its own right. Keeping data will help notice anomalies.


I agree. It's easy to say.. "I'll remember this". But you rarely do.