Fourth Tent Added: Now I Can Progress The Grow Room W/Video

last year

On the left are my two flowering/budding grow tents. The larger one is 48x48x80 and the smaller one is 32x32x80. Up until yesterday I only had one other grow tent in the room (32x32x60) but I received a special delivery thanks to Amazon Prime and have added my fourth (and in my husband's words, hopefully my last grow tent to the collection) which is also 48x48x80.


As you can see from this tent above, which is my current clone tent; it is quite FULL. The plants need more room. Enter... the new tent. Almost twice the size to accommodate my growth of cannabis needs.

I have plans for Tuesday and Thursday to start ALL my transplanting and cloning. Within the next week or so, I will be harvesting the current plants, so I need to get all the clones and seedlings ready for the upcoming transformation into flowering. They still have a few more weeks to flower and grow, but I like to keep ahead of the game and have everything ready to go.

My Plans For ALL Four Tents

  • Two tents (48x48x80 and 32x32x80) will remain the same for flowering only
  • One tent (32x32x60) will be for drying and extra supplies
  • One tent (48x48x80) will be the clone tent only

I believe this will be the final tent I need to purchase as I have the system down now. It took me three crops to get things in order, keep my sanity and have enough room for all plants in every stage of growth; but I think I got it this time.

I also ordered a new LED light; which is scheduled for delivery Friday. This new one is a 1000w LED vegetation only setting light. I will also be buying a charcoal filter and fan to go in this new tent. I've never used one before but the hydro-store guy that I deal with recommends one for my set-up. So we'll see... I'll do a review on it in the near future.

In the video I said Grape Zkittles but meant to say Gorilla Zkittles. Got it mixed up with my Grape Ape vape

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Dam, 4 tents this would be so awesome to have. I am over here with my 2x4 haha. What brand LED you buy it is off amazon as well?


Two are Philzon and the other two are VIPARSPECTRA (one is on its way now). Both brands a good to excellent quality


I have heard the viparspectra i was thinking it may be the LED I got with next as the one I got even for my 2x4 tent is a little small. I think right after the holiday's I am going to order my self a 4x4 but I need it to be no more than 76inch high as I got a low basement in my place.


I believe they make 48x48x60 which would fit perfect for you. For my 48x48x80 I paid just over $90/USD so the shorter one should be less. I like the HUHU brand- easy to assemble and they have a money back guarantee


Yeah, 48x48x60 would work great. I can't remember the name of mine ill update you with it when i get home.

I will grow the seeds I got from the grow shop in Spain and can only plant them in Spring when I´m back at homebase. I would be interested on how the electrical consumption would be in your area using artificial lights?


do you have an idea on how much light you plan on using? it really depends on if you are using LED CFL HPS or MH. power consumption varies also depending on the peripheral things like fans Airconditioning and pumps.

For a small tent grow you may be looking at using around 500-800 watts.

Moving on up! That's quite a nice setup you have there. I recently stopped using tents and started using entire rooms. thanks to some gifts I received earlier this year

Now I have one room running around 2000 watts with about 50 plants in it and just built a veg room that will house the next 50!

Love your work even after all these years growing I still learn a lot here from you and others on Smoke! :)

Oof, so much to keep busy with, so much to keep sending us updates about! Love it!

Very nice set-up you've got there! My tent looks so ridiculous compare to those monsters :)

Woow that look cool, nice all those tents, beautiful plants they also look good!
I let my plant grow outside this year. I ordered several seeds last week and I can not wait until March / April next year to germinate and let them grow.

Incredible! I enjoy seeing these types of posts! Good to see some healthy expansion!

Well cared like a new born baby. I appreciate you so much.

Whao, this is quit a great investment, four tent at a time i can imagine the effort and commitment you are putting in place.

Hello, you making big steps...

Rock on girl


Best regards @staflund

This is awesome, great update 👍

HolySmoke! impressive initiative!!

and to think this all started that 1st time you took a little speckled seed and planted it along with your positive expectations, one harvest was rewarded with the next, and the next, and what about that 1st little plant that you nurtured so long ago;

Did it not also plant a seed in you?

  ·  last year

Woow good wiev

Can't wait for my last kid to fly the nest. I want to grow but if and when I ever do I don't want anyone to know. At least till it is legal where I am. I really don't want to go to jail. I keep my activities on the dl. Very few people really know I even smoke and many that do don't know how much I am actually smoking.



Wow that looks absolutely lovely. Four tents should yield a lot more now. Curious! How much did you produce before?

WOW! You're the lucky one!

Placing it in a tent is a very creative idea, an application of new cultivation technology. Is everything in the house?

Is this light enough for the CANNABIS? How tall it grows? I am happy to see you all to have plants like this...

Im thinking of getting a tent, im so tired of working in my small ass closet, lol.

dang... you've got something going there... looks delish

What a waste of energy. Plant it outside.


Can't plant outside where I live. When it gets to be -20 degrees and two feet of snow.
Perhaps where you live you have the geographical and weather conditions where you reside... but many of us do not.

Do you grow...all your plants outside? I'd love to see what you have grown.


Well, when you live in places that are cold half or more the year it is really hard to pull off outdoor. Plus the fact when most the world has to grow illegally indoor is the way to go. O and the fact indoor bud is so much nicer then outdoor