Cannabis Heat Salve: Cooking Up Some HOT Relief- UPDATED Pain Relief Results Are In

2 years ago

Yesterday I had shared a recipe for cannabis infused oil that I make and last night before dinner I was just getting ready to settle in to watch the newest episode of Vikings that we recorded the previous evening when Mr Golden D asked me if I had made the cannabis heat salve. Nope not yet. Well guess what he helped me make last night after dinner and some TV viewing? YUP... some cannabis heat salve for sore muscles and pain.

Cannabis Heat Salve Recipe

  • Cannabis infused oil (I used about 3/4 cup of my fresh infused oil)
  • 3-tablespoons beeswax
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (you can use more for extra heat but I have found this amount perfect this size recipe)
  • Essential oil (optional- I used Ylang-Ylang) About 15-20 drops

And containers to hold the salve as it dries and hardens. The ones I used are from the Dollar Tree; in each package was two large round metal containers or four small ones. The large ones are 4-ounces and the small are 2-ounces.

Set up a double boiler on the stove top; and using a pint sized glass jar add the cannabis infused oil, the coconut oil and warm. Add the beeswax once the mixture is at a low simmer- DO NOT bring to boil. As the beeswax begins to melt, pour in the cayenne pepper and stir continuously until the beeswax has completely melted.

Once the beeswax has melted, carefully pour the liquified salve into the prepared containers. Let the salve sit for 24-hours to completely set up.

Ready to use after the curing time. Use small amounts at first to test if you can handle the heat that the cayenne pepper adds to the soothing heat salve. You can also omit the cayenne pepper and have a basic cannabis salve for sore muscles, aches and pains and even dry, cracked skin.

He sampled some last night (even though not completely cured and solid) on his neck and upper back/shoulder area, and within about 30 minutes he noticed a nice soothing relief of the stress, discomfort and muscle relaxation. He said the heat wasn't too hot and actually made him feel warm inside.

Using cannabis in a topical cannot be picked up during a drug test because it doesn't enter your blood stream (unless perhaps you use it on an open cut- not quite sure). but I did do some research

Mr Golden D took three of the smaller containers to work with him today; as a few people were asking to sample the salve. Which made me start thinking and researching how I could go about perhaps selling some online or even to friends.

UPDATED report on pain relief results- Three people tried the salve and reported that the effects lasted for about 4 hours. One even said it loosened up his shoulder/neck muscle better than a heat wrap from his doctor's prescription. SUCCESS!


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This would probably do wonders for my back pain! 😮

My girlfriend and I are vegans, so I will stay away from the beeswax, but I think I will try to make something similar to this as soon as I get the chance. 🤔

I do enjoy to experiment a bit with making cannabis-infused products myself whenever I have a grow going. I made a lip balm a couple of years ago that I swear was magical or something...

I'll try to share some of my recipes and experiments on here in the near future. 🤗


You could make it without the beeswax and just use more of the organic coconut oil. That has the tendency to stiffen giving you the same hardened salve.

It is such a great thing to have around. My hubby uses the basic recipe (without the cayenne pepper as this was a new recipe I tried) and he actually likes this one better.

Ohhhh--- LIP BALM! I saw that somewhere online and have it on my Cannabis Bucket List To Make

I always upvote you with 100 % because marijuana used in order to help/relief/treat real diseases should be promoted and helped. I don't smoke anymore, but this I might actually try to make, as I try to do a lot of exercise and cardio and constantly have sore muscles. How difficult is it to make? Will wait until 30 min mark to upvote though ;)


Super easy to make. Takes about five minutes and that's only because the beeswax can take a little while to get melting.
I would highly recommend it for ailing muscles and soreness.

Awesome... thanks for sharing your recipe. Will make some too. Have lower back pain ... this sounds perfect... even hot. Upsmoked and reSmoked


Oh you'll LOVE it! When I added the cayenne pepper to the original recipe, it really seemed to heat up the muscles and loosen the tightness.

What an interesting recipe, many people will relieve their pains thanks to you, greeting I follow you

That sounds awesome!

The finished salve in the top picture looks great! and thanks for sharing the recipe with us..


Thank you! And yes I have to agree! It looks so nice!

If you're watching vikings then you should totally give norsemen a try, it's really good 👍


Is norseman like vikings also?


It's like monty python but in the viking era

This is Awesome

Thank you for sharing. :) I have to say I've never heard of using cayenne pepper in a massage oil. So glad to hear it works.

I'm interested in seeing the results of swapping some of the infused oil out with some infused root oil. I'm thinking they will complement each other immensely.

The other use for the root oil is for people who are slaves to drug testing. There are no controlled substances in the root oil. :) Amazing stuff.