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Today, I am going to share some Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis or Marijuana in our body that we should to know.

According to Business Insider, here are some Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis or Marijuana to our body.

1. The best-supported medicinal use of marijuana is as a treatment for chronic pain.

2. There's also strong evidence medical cannabis can help with muscle spasms.

3. It doesn't seem to harm lung capacity, and may even improve it.

4. It may be of some use in treating glaucoma, or it may be possible to derive a drug from marijuana for this use.

5. It may help control epileptic seizures.

6. It also decreases the symptoms of a severe seizure disorder known as Dravet's Syndrome.

7. A chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading, at least in cell cultures.

8. It may decrease anxiety in low doses.

9. THC may slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

10. The drug eases the pain of multiple sclerosis.

For more information and other Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis or Marijuana, please have time to view the official website. Here

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