My Favorite Way To Consume Cannabis! [SMOKE Exclusive Vlog]

7 months ago

Greetings there beautiful Smokies! Recently, while wandering through the magical halls of SMOKE blockchain I stumbled upon a contest that took my attention!

Make sure to check it out here! It is a contest held by @curationbro team and honestly I feel they deserve more recognition for what they do!

They are doing a great job and I can only wait to witness, which kind of heights will their contests reach in the future when we allocate even broader audiences here on

The challenge of this week contest was, to showcase in some kind of way what is your favorite way of smoking!

Don't get me wrong, fam, I know that can be understood in many way but since we are on a High blockchain I feel everyone are entitled to their own ways of expressing creative force :)

This vlog is my entry (click thumbnail):




Hopefully you enjoy it like you enjoy that beautiful life! I'm so hyped about this whole story and can't wait where will the train take us. I do know it will be on a beautiful, tropical land filled with fresh exotic fruits of all kinds :D

Until then, lets continue focusing on bringing unique styles of creating here on and make sure to up the bar as frequently as possible! Keep rolling!

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Hey love your vlog entry about smoking with your cats....I'm with you on valuing good music and animal company (or Nature) 🔆 .


Thank you brother! I've seen your long reply on the CBD post, I'll make sure to get to it when I get back home :)

By the way, I feel we would make a great company ;)


No pressure from my side, I know you are present ... and same here bro, I got that impression when I saw you with your cats :D. Also, I think I've seen a vid of yours before - did you make one about Bernie's attacks on Dtube some weeks ago? If it's the one I'm remembering, it was brave and funny and made some strong points!


Yeah brother, that was me! Hahah

How did you catch that one??? :)

Hhh glad to know that you know, and it is hard to leave a meaningful reply to someone especially if you are not mindful at the moment.

So I tend to do it at specific times :) when I feel like it... otherwise its not coming from the deep, haha


Excellent! I could've gone and checked, but I wanted to stick with my instinct about having seen you in the BS (he he, great initials :) video....I involved myself twice in the BS vs FTG war - (one and two). It was around then that someone resteemed your post and I saw it!

Cheers to you bro, I really like this wavelength 🔆

Hey brother, thank you for this wonderful entry, we really enjoyed it!


Thank you guys for the contest! I'll make sure to support every single one of them ;)

Hey great vlog with your next level cats! Yes, music and some chill cats, a good recipe for a nice buzz.


Hehe yeah, I'm glad you agree! Can see we have similar outlook on the world, that's cool :)

wake and bake baby :D


Lol, Smoke made me do it :'(


Poor we, we need to smoke more now to create some content haha :D

funy cats )))

This is great

Let the cat be high! (^^) Nice video you have! (^^)