Powder mildew is coming!

2 years ago

Powder mildew is a now common occurrence when you try to grow cannabis. I just took this girl down today after seeing powder mildew creeping in on leaf.

You can see powder mildew on middle water leafs, it's white as powder sugar

The weather this harvest is great besides the morning mist. Luckly I live high enough the mist doesn't touch my plants for long. Still long enough to make powdered mildew on some of my plants I still need to take down.

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Yeah , powered mold sucks. I just had to cut my cbd plant early and lost half from mold

Damn, at least your plants are still coming down.

I have a similar situation...
sorry for your harvest((

Hydrogen Peroxide Is Your Friend!!

Yes! You can save plants which are suffering from powdery mildew. Spray them down with 12% Hydrogen Peroxide and then rinse a few minutes later. It removes existing pm and spores.

That is not good it must be frustrating, but that view is spectacular, how do you get any work done with a view like that, awesome. Bong on bro. :-)


I been around cannabis for so long that I don't really get excited about bud unless it's my favorite flavors.

I snip off all the infected leaves that i can, and let it mature. Usually, it does not affect my buds.


I just snip it off, if it's small nugs I just use h2o2 deluted with water in a tub for 10 or so minutes.

A little amount of #cannibal is good for our health.. Check my post too..

wow... good job spotting it so early!

the view of the mist in the valley is breathtaking!