I got a little dirty while running and cleaning my trim machine 🤣

last year

These are some photos during my processing in October.
I had to temporarily setup up my machine in my spare processing spot while I had my flower drying this harvest.

After hours of running it and needing supplies I had to drive to my local town, to bad I didn't notice I had a felony worth of keef on my pants. The federal police don't care if your a legal farm or not but they don't care about state rights. I have had multiple police say this to my face after pulling me over illegally looking for flower in the past

No growers where hurt the making of this flower


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lol lol! You can prob soak those jeans in Ethanol and get some high qual RSO :')



I'm gonna go full doorbell on those pants.

It's funny when you get comfortable with something and in your mind(and in reality) is safe but one mistake like walking around with KeefPants™ could literally ruin your life.


Agreed lol

When you are finished with those jeans you can put them in the bong and smoke them, Lol So how does your trimming machine work? Bong on bro. :-)


My machine is called the t4 twister, YouTube has a few videos on it with dry and wet flower trimming.


Thanks mate, I had a look it pretty cool, saves a shit load of work. They also showed the Centurion Mini that one is a beast. Bong on bro. :-)

I really hope for the descheduling of Cannabis soon, it's just crazy that even in recreationally legal states you're still at risk of power crazed individuals throwing the federal book at you.


I just wrote about one of my encounters on my newest post