Marijuana Legalization Victories In Michigan, Missouri, And Utah!

6 months ago


3 out of the 4 states with cannabis measures on the ballot have legalized it in some form. Michigan legalizes cannabis for "adult use" while Missouri and Utah approve it for medicinal.

This is great news for the movement to decriminalize marijuana in the United States. Other news adding to the momentum includes Representative Pete Sessions losing his bid for re-election. Sessions has long been considered an obstacle to the movement.

I was very happy to see an email from Leafly this morning with this continually updated article detailing the good news during the elections. I also came across another a great article entitled 'Best Congress we've ever had' for marijuana legalization, Dem says which gives a lot of hope for the future.

Victories towards legalization also occurred in several cities in Ohio and Wisconsin as noted in Forbes article with the very apt title: Marijuana Won The Midterm Elections

It's good to see the country moving towards more freedom around this clearly medicinal plant. We still have many battles to face but it's good to see the continued work in the right direction.

image from pixabay


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The dominoes are falling

That's 10 states that have legalized recreational use, right? Progress!


That's right! I think we're hitting the tipping point and the rest will follow more quickly. I hope we are at least. I mean just from an economic perspective, you would think every state would ready to legalize by now.


LOL weed deals. I wonder how big the true market is.


Suddenly it feels like it's going fast!

Great news to hear, thanks for sharing! I am guessing if we add all this momentum of legalization of our states with Canada & Mexico legalizing added to the billions the beverage companies are pouring into the industry and then add in the election in 2 years and my guess is Donald Trump clinches the election with another promise to legalize cannabis.

That's awesome news mate, we are starting to win the war my friend. Bong on bro. :-)


Yes, it is! I hope the ridiculous prohibition will end soon.

I saw it today too! Wanted to write a post about it, but you front run me haha. Glad you did :)


Lol, as soon as I saw the email from Leafly, I was like,"I gotta get this on Smoke!


Haha nicee

This is good news, People are waking up and i hope sooner other states will join the legal train.
In btw thanks for the update.

It seems that things are really starting to change in the United States especially for people with an interest in cannabis. Perhaps some of the politicians will start using this this movement for their campaigns. I am not from the United States but legalizing cannabis in all major states would have significant impact for the rest of the world. Greta post btw ;)

That is awesome news... at least there is a big progress going on in legalizing marijuana...I think, it´s just a matter of time that other states follow suit... !

This is a great news, hoping our country will come to realize also that cannabis is kind of a big help especially for sick people :)