3 In The Pink: Feeding Time

8 months ago

They were given their second feeding of the REMO today of the following:

-5mL/G Micro
-5mL/G Grow
-5mL/G VeloKelp
-5mL/G MagNifiCal

mixed four X 1 gallon jugs and gave them each one gallon.

Bumped them up to the suggested schedule( 5mL/G ). This will definitely be a kick from the last feed they got. Can’t wait to get these into flower!🙏🧬🌱🇨🇦🔥💨

Taking very well to the topping




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Looks like a cool nutrient line I’ve never heard of Remo before but I really dig they’re logo! Makes this grow that much more awesome to watch. 🔥 genetics !

They're coming along nicely 👌