Smokey wants Doug Ford to be your ONLY dealer

8 months ago

Smokey wants Doug Ford to be your ONLY dealer


Now Smokey wants to Make Doug Ford your only dealer, and reverse the decision to privatize retail cannabis sales.

Smokey Thomas says he has a Responsible Plan for OCS:

  • CRIMINALIZE ALL private retail cannabis dispensaries in Ontario.
  • Tell municipalities to OPT-OUT of ALL retail cannabis sales in their community.
  • MONOPOLIZE ALL retail cannabis sales in Ontario through OCS ONLY.

Smokey wants to monopolize ALL sales for his OPSEU members,
and make Doug Ford your only legal dealer with only a few outlets.

They not only want to prevent billions in private sector investment and job creation,
They would criminalize ALL private retail cannabis workers and their customers.
Ask Smokey Why he wants Doug Ford to be your ONLY dealer, and stop you from legally entering the retail cannabis industry, to make you a criminal for using private dispensaries:


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Sorry, eh


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Current situation in Canada is tough. I feel for you guys!

You've been sent 1 smoke for producing original, informative, engaging content!
Keep up the great work!

OCS has no weed and now rushing to get new product to grow faster somehow.... thugs are shutting down all the other shops. Great plans....


It's a f-cking sh-t show.

OCS could end up being the biggest case of consumer fraud in Ontario history. 1-3 days turns into 3 weeks soon as they get your credit card number, no customer service, no accountability, and a no return policy once opened when you weight it and find out you got ripped off.


I hope some kind of class action lawsuit against OCS emerges from all of this.


The LPs are finished. I would love to short them all. But too afraid. Trudeau will bail them all out.


Trudeau has millions in Stock options hidden away. I am sure.

I was reading about this the other day. . .

They should have asked Amazon for help with all the aspects of running eCommerce :')