Medicinal Cannabis fighting Brain Tumours in Australia

2 years ago


A clinical trial has just begun in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Reasearchers have show that cannabis can kill brain tumour cells in the laboratory and they have now just been given the green light to test this on patients with aggressive brain tumours.

82 patients have been selected to undertake a trial where they will take an oral dose of high THC cannabis whilst undergoing normal cancer treatment. It is hoped that the cannabis treatment will slow the growth of the tumours and improve the patients quality of life. Researchers are hoping that the treatment will actually kill the tumours completely.

Brain tumours can be very difficult to treat as physical operations can result in some form of damage to the brain. Brain tumours also typically are very aggressive.

This is a very interesting trial that I will be following closely. Although our recreational use laws here are very prohibitive, the medicinal laws in Australia allow for cannabis to be used and trialled across a very wide range of medical conditions.

Stay tuned for results. We all know this is a miracle drug. Hopefully these scientific trials will show the world how powerful cannabis can actually be.

Thanks for reading.

I am Bud!

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Keep up the great work!

The applications of cannabis is limitless and daily more research is made on it.

Hope the research pull through

F*** cancer

Fighting tumors! Amazing! Truly is a magical plant!

Following to see as this would be huge if it works at ether process. Your right tho let's hope it does kill the tumours.

I sure hope so.

High CBD certain,y helps reduce my arthritis, stress and anxiety issues.