Do you Think there are Any Negative or Bad Effects from Smoking Cannabis?

7 months ago

I was thinking today about weather or not anyone think consuming cannabis has any negative or bad effects. I know probably everyone on smoke.i.o, me included think cannabis is awesome and should be freely available to anyone who want's it.

I was just curious about how everyone talks about the countless proven benefits of consuming cannabis. I just wanted to throw out a question to the community about,

Do you think there are any negative or bad side effects from consuming cannabis?

I would like to hear your opinion on this, if you have one, and thanks for stopping by for a chat.
Bong On Bro. :-)

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Yes.... if your EndoCabbinoid system can not tolerate a super high level of THC it is better to experiment with strains with lower THC levels. I have had some pretty scary highs when I was young. I though I was dead. So now I use lower amounts of THC. Everyone is created differently. Learn your tolerance.


I could not agree more with ya! I only smoke low thc strains, they work great for my anxiety. If I smoke high thc strains they can make me a bit antsy if you know what I mean.


I agree with u after high thc level strain I allways get panic attack and its so scary. The worst thing is in my country I don't have a choice to choose which strain I want :/

The negative effect: I get the munchies and don't have any munchies.


Im so full but I am sooooo hungry LOL!

Each strain has their own negatives, like check out leafly most have pros/cons & these are generally stuff like dry eyes, dehydration, anxiety.. now some strains may have no negatives but some more powerful high thc strains can be too potent for the new smoker


At least when you live in a legal country you know exactly what you are smoking, not some shitweed off the street. It should be like alcohol with clear marking of strength and the types of effects. Thanks for the cool link, I haven't seen this site before. I will be exploring this site, thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)


Aye man, I bet a few negative experiences I've had in the past are attributable to harmful growth pollutants, good point

Yes it can get you arrested or imprisoned if it is illegal in a Country. This is the most dangerous side effect of cannabis in my oppinion.


Your comment reminds me of this, bong on bro. :-)