Do Non Smokers Really Think Cannabis is Bad?

7 months ago

I was thinking today about how many non cannabis smoking people actually care if someone else chooses to smoke some weed. We are supposed to live in a democratic society where the majority rules and the leaders follow what we the people choose for our society. I think a large majority of the non smokers I have meet over the years just don't care if someone smokes weed.


So if the smokers and the non smokers who don't care were combined, I think there would be a good chance that they would number over 50% of the adult population. If I'm right then there is no reason for cannabis to be illegal, other that political or business reasons for the introduction of these draconian laws to control a natural plant.


I just think that most rational thinking people couldn't give a crap about these stupid laws, what do you think?


I would like to hear your opinion on this, if you have one, and thanks for stopping by for a chat.
Bong On Bro. :-)

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Oh sure, if you mean just that the laws don't follow public opinion, there's a graph out on the internet that shows how public opinion and public law are rarely in line with each other.

Like support of Gay Marriage was way past the breaking point for a long time, and it was a rather long time until the courts finally decided something.

Laws for corporations basically give them the house.

Now, I do know assholes that care if smokers smoke weed. My brother is a huge asshole. Takes one to know one, I guess. He's very anti-weed, basically because he's not too bright and bought into a lot of the propaganda in the 90's. My father is also very conservative, so I guess that rubbed off on him where I thought they were joking until my adult years.


As they say family are usually the most critical, especially when you mix in a bit of sibling rivalry as well. I think a lot of the time with people it's just easier to go with the status quo, than to actually spend the time to think for themselves. Thanks mate and bong on bro. :-)

Yes... I truly believe non-smokers of cannabis view the use and consumption as horrible; health wise as well as stereo-typical people who do use re heathens.
This just goes to show how ignorant or close-minded people can be about something that was labeled as taboo decades ago.


I think a lot of people who are virulently opposed to cannabis are just control freaks and can't stand others having a good time. But deep down they wouldn't care less even if it was as harmful as they claim it to be. Then you have the ignorant or close-minded type who just spout the propaganda drivel like good little parrots, thanks for stopping by for a chat, bong on. :-)


People fear that which they're ignorant of 🤷‍♂️


I bet those same ignorant people probably abuse alcohol and prescription drugs as well, but do as we say not as we do kind of thing. Thanks for stopping by for a chat, bong on bro. :-)

Some do and some dont. It varies by experience.


I agree, I think the younger the people are they seem to be more excepting than older people. Thanks for stopping by and bong on bro. :-)

The sadness I see when people want to live in a Democratic Society. Because Democratic societies always fail because majority rules becomes mob rule I really prefer living in a constitutional republic because I like the fact that Minority rights are protected and a constitutional republic. I know that not everybody is from the United States like I am and I know that some people are truly living in a Democratic Society and my heart breaks for those countries because eventually democracy turns into a communist which eventually turned into dictatorship. History has repeated itself enough in that aspect for me to be confident in that fact. One of my biggest pet peeves I just went and Americans call the United States a democracy and we're not. Saying that I don't know where you're from should you might live in a democracy country. But democracies are very dangerous because of the mob rule mentality.

Now that I got that off my chest. I think it's obvious from some of the post on smoke that there are people that believe the lies the propaganda and the misconceptions. But if we keep educating people we can slowly change those perceptions. If I can get my parents for the legalization of cannabis anybody can change their views.


Yep democracies are great, the 51% get to steal whatever they want from the 49%. Instead of you going to your neighbour and demanding they give you money, you just vote in some thugs to steal it for you, great system. I have noticed for years that they are always calling America a democracy, I always thought that was strange. Thanks for stopping by, bong on. :-)


Media sadly keep sayung democracy and many people believe that is what the United States is. After all they mettle in other countries and create democracies else where (that have failed or is currently failing) even though we are not one. Ironic right? Okay off to get high and not be sad about things out of my control.

I think if you look at the generations it shows who cares the are group 65-80 care people under 60 don't care or are for it


I agree 100%, a lot of the people I have meet over the years that are around my age or younger have either tried it or are smoked it. But the older people are the ones who seem to judge people the most, at the same time as they abuse their legal drugs, Lol. Thanks for stopping by for a chat. Stuff them mate and take some of that pile of awesome buds you have and, bong on bro. :-)

The only real way for cannabis to remove stigmatism is through direct legalisation, first medical then recreational.


I agree, That looks like that is the path we are slowly moving down now, especially with all the medical trials going on around the world now. Thanks for stopping by for a chat, bong on bro. :-)

People are brainwashed. Cannabis is demonized for a long time. A lot of people believed everything written in a newspaper not too long ago. It's a good thing people are waking up in large numbers.


It's true people are starting to wake up, finally. I think the biggest contributor to people steering away from mainstream media and their propaganda machine is the internet. It has given the little people a loud voice, just like smoke.i.o is doing. Thanks mate, bong on bro. :-)