Growing Steem OG

The Steem OG project began in the hands of @Jonyoudyer as a tribute to the Steem blockchain. It has spread far and wide among-st the blockchain peers and even began to infect the Smoke Network. Now it is set to be the first fully documented strain on the chain.


In my last post I did the 24 hour seed soak to kick start the germination process. After about an hour or two of all the seeds floating I gave them a quick swish around the shot glass and they all sunk which likely means they absorbed the some water which made them denser. Once the water is absorbed the seed should begin its germination process as long as the seed is viable.


So now I will place the seeds into wet paper towel. If you look closely you can see that two of the seeds are already cracked open and the tap root is peaking out.


I do my best to ensure all seeds are oriented to in the same direction to allow the root to grow out the same way.


Once they're all carefully placed I fold the other side of the paper towel over to seal them up.


Once they're all in positioned correctly and secured they'll hang root down in the container.


With the clear walls of the container I can see the roots growing. Best to keep them in the dark though until they're ready to plant, I use this method mainly to be able to check how they're doing without disturbing them by opening the paper towel.

Thanks again @Jonyoudyer for creating a fun Strain for the blockchain. ✌

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We maybe should make a room for steem og only, since it is a cool ass project