The science of marijuana

2 years ago

Science has got answers to everything you might be confused on. You shouldn’t be surprised when you are told there’s a scientific component responsible for making you keep reading this post. There’s always an answer and explanation to everything. Thanks to science and technology, things are now becoming clearer. To many, marijuana is just a plant that generates tiny particles that can be inhaled, smoked or mixed with foods. What you probably don’t know is; there are scientific theories behind it.

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There’s an intoxicating effect when you consume marijuana. This effect is caused by a psychoactive chemical present in the marijuana; it’s called Dela-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC). THC is actually a short form you can easily remember. This isn’t the only compound present in marijuana. Cannabis contains sixty-five other compounds related to THC, these compounds are called cannabinoids. That’s definitely where the name “cannabis” was formed. There’s a substance found in the nervous system; this substance is chemically related to THC. It’s called Endocannabinoids (ECS). Here is how it is related:

The ECS works in the human brain. As we all know, the brain contains billions of neurons responsible for communication. When a neuron gets activated, a neuro transmitter is released into the synaptic cleft of state between neurons. The neuro transmitter then binds to a receptor on another neuron with the hope of getting a signal in it, then it transmits the information to that neuron. ECS actually works when the postsynaptic neuron is activated. Right there, the ECS are produced, released and travelled back to the presynaptic neuron. When they do this, they control what happens next when the presynaptic cell is simulated again. What the ECS does is preventing the neurons from excessive firing; it regulates it. ECS suppresses pains, reduces stress and anxiety, regulates your mood. Makes you sleep and eat a lot and a big factor in immune functions.

That’s exactly how the THC works in human too and it possesses those functions stated for ECS. What we probably don’t know is; the amount of ECS is always regulated according to the body’s needs. The regulation is actually needed to keep the brain’s activity at a normal state. THC is more stable than ECS, but marijuana consume a higher amount of THC and it stays in the body and functions for a longer period of time. It overpowers the ECS and take control of the brain’s functions. What the ECS does, it does it much better and sometimes, overdo it. Since ECS suppresses pain, THC does much more better. You might not feel pain at all when excess of it is consumed. Same thing applies to food intake and sleeping.

Since the cannabinoid receptor is present in many part of the brain, the effect of the THC can be wide ranging. Every effect (be it good or bad) you can think of are often gotten from this analysis. It’s actually advisable to take a lower dose of cannabis; it reduces stress, anxiety and panic. Higher doses can do much more and you might not like it.

I believe the scientific terms used here can be understood. Until we next time.

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There’s a scientific component responsible for making you keep reading this post. I like this @blackman You made an impressive detail of what marijuana is all about but most importantly, its effect on our brain. Thanks for that detailed analysis. Please, keep it up.


thank you

Very fascinating, I enjoyed your science lesson, I find all the effects of cannabis amazing, thanks for sharing, bong on bro. :-)


thank you

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in my country Marijuana is the best and the biggest, may you also be able to enjoy it someday. :D