The Best Ways To Store Cannabis

2 years ago

Photo by Alex Alexander on Unsplash

The method you choose to store your cannabis could make a huge difference in how short or long your buds may maintain their freshness and potency.

Well-kept cannabis usually appears to be full and sparkly with at least some color left.

Cannabis growers who grow it in bulk may want to establish the best way to store the weed until their next harvest. Luckily, there is an easy and pretty cool way to store cannabis using an airtight glass jar.

The following are among the best ways to store weed:

1. Store in a cool dark place, using glass mason jars.

Store buds in a cool dark place of 15-21 degrees Celsius, this is one of the coolest and effective ways.

The mason jars are available in grocery stores and can also be improvised at home. Normally, we use them for cooking but when it comes to cannabis storage they aid in maintaining the potency of the buds from air and moisture.

The glass jars will also contain smell while at the same time prevent the buds from being spoiled during handling.

Ensure that the glass jars are ¾ full so that you avoid storing too much air with the cannabis, for such kind of storage will maintain their potency for about a year.

2. Freeze your buds.

Buds that have been well kept for at least 4 weeks and are completely dry, can be frozen and their potency can be maintained for years.

The buds can be bagged and wrapped in a foil that is if you intend to store them for multiple years. However, remember to let frozen buds be at room temperature before handling them. Otherwise handling frozen buds can easily break off at freezing temperatures.

3. Avoid refrigerating your buds.

Growers are advised to stay off refrigerators when it comes to cannabis storage.

This is because buds kept in the fridge will tend to mold even when in airtight containers. It’s advised that the buds be stored in the freezer or outside the fridge if the fridge is the only option then ensure that that the temperature and humidity in there do not fluctuate as much.

As a grower, it’s still advised not to use fridges better still a regular drawer or cabinet is far much preferable.

4. Avoid plastic baggies.

Most non-growers prefer this method but it’s one of the worst methods to use.

The buds may lose their smell and dry out in plastic baggies. The potency of the buds will degrade at a high rate and while they lack protection it means the buds will crumble.

Plastic baggies should only be used in a short-term period or avoided completely. If not, it is recommended that glass stash box that is UV Proof be used instead in preventing leakage smells.

5. Boveda packs.

These pack can actually turn any space which is airtight into a weed humidor.

The pack is mainly designed for keeping cannabis and can be stored in containers that are sealed with your buds within to regulate humidity up to the desired level of cannabis storage.

The good thing about Boveda packs is that they can rehydrate buds that are already too dry.

How do you store your buds?

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Very good this publication. I did not know the frozen option. I was frozen with that hahaha. What I have always used is the glass jar.
Introduced the weed in the glass jar then put the jar inside a black sock and kept it in a drawer. Then every day he took out the bottle from the drawer and opened it to ventilate for a while, before putting it back in storage.

This is the best option for me.

What do you think of the wooden boxes? Are they good for storage?


I have never heard of or tried wooden boxes... it might be a good experiment to try out and write about it.


ohh yeah! We will have to try then 😉

Glass jars are great.

Something so simple as this can ruin a good crop!

Thanks for sharing.
I actually went through the entire list and am pleased to say... I have hit on all the proper ways... patting myself on the back


Hahahahha solid :thumbsup

This is so legit

Now i can stall large amount of smoke, in my home

I did not know that to store large amounts of cannabis I took so many steps I really do not consume much just a few grams so I learned something new thanks @blackman



Glass jars are the best storage units. People often keep them in plastic bas to hide them.


lol.. why hide them?

It is really good tips. Thanks.

Good tips. Frozen option is new to me. I will give it a chance. I used to keep it in bags, terrible mistake. 😂

No idea you could freeze weed and make it last longer! I learn something new every day!

Heya great post its very interesting! I recently posted somthing similiar that I figured you might find interesting. Let me know what ya think I could use your imput!

Is it ok to keep them in the Mylar Type bags inside the glass jars ?

You can just store it inside you :p

With what we get here.. who needs a container! lol