Where is Cannabis Legal?

8 months ago

Remember the 80s? That decade brought us Flashdance, Scrunchies and big hair, and the War on Drugs with the slogan “Just Say No.”

Now fast-forward to 2018, and state governments are revisiting their marijuana laws and realizing that the ancient healing plant not only possess medicinal value but could also be an economic boom for struggling economies. TAXES BABY!

Cannabis supporters point out several reasons why the hell classifying cannabis as a Schedule I substance(Drug) is inappropriate to say the least.

Reasons that hurt your brain, why weed ain't a Scheduale I.

  1. It has not caused deaths from consumption like heroin or even alcohol. (Alcohol is legal!)
  2. It has growing evidence of medical use, particularly in states that have legalized it in some form.
  3. It is less addictive than alcohol or tobacco and less damaging to the body and brain.
If Alcohol is the nectar of the gods than cannabis is the.....

What do you think of the 80's propaganda on Marijuana?

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