So How's That Legalization Thing Coming Along Canada?

7 months ago

OCS may turn out to be the largest case of consumer fraud ever perpetuated in Canadian history...

A couple of days ago I predicted...
"I give it another week before their whole distribution system collapses with all the bottlenecked back orders, and stock nearly entirely sold out with no new product on the way."

Well it didn't even take that long. OCS has since revised their delivery times to 3 weeks from 3 days, dozens of customers have reported that their orders have been mysteriously cancelled and their credit card charges reversed. Some accounts I've seen circulating on social media are reporting low counts by the few who have actually received product.

Any other private sector entity would already be facing charges for consumer fraud and face class action suits by customers who were mislead and ripped-off, but OCS?

OCS is controlled entirely by the government, and protected by the public sector employees union that allows them to get away with pretty much everything, even absolute incompetence like this.

So a full 10 days after cannabis was legalized in Canada, the majority of customers who placed an order have STILL not received anything but an apologetic form email from a no reply email address...


And cannabis supplies through official channels are drying up all across Canada. Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and elsewhere can not keep up with demand, resulting in medical users with prescriptions running out of medical marijuana.

The medical suppliers for patients are unable to replenish their stock due to the shortage, the legally licenced producers do not have the capacity to meet the demand and the whole legal supply chain looks like it is beginning to collapse.

Meanwhile enforcement against illegal storefront cannabis dispensaries continues, with the only reliable source of cannabis available being seized by police, denying patients who otherwise can't get their medicine, and millions of recreational users the ability to obtain any, except by illegal means.

Toronto Police have more than enough in their evidence locker room to resolve this problem.

Just when you thought it was legal, eh

Sorry, eh


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Sad to see, but let's hope for the best! Things are gonna be a bit shitty in the beginning sometimes. Things will even out, the universe tends to even itself out. :P

This is a fuck, notwithstanding I still think things will normalize as things go on. Remember this is still at its early stage.
But the government need to really allow more places stay open.

Good one 👍 excellent!

What a joke EH.
I got the same email and I got a long way to wait I am order 115000 your order 58000 so they are that backed up it is a huge joke. I got weeks before i get mine if they are really 60000 orders behind.

Alberta website got me my order the day after i made it, and stores are opening up in Calgary

This will be a boom for the Black Market in Canada.

Trudeau is the only Dope Dealer in town and he has none..... What can you do ?