Breeding The 2nd Generation Of Steem Og

8 months ago

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What's up my Smokers! Here is a project I have been working on and sharing with the Steemit platform. I have so much love for it I created a strain by crossing a Tahoo Og female with and Inca Gold male, which I dubbed Santa Rita Og. With the offspring of that cross I found a great phenotype which I dubbed Santa Rita #2. I took that pheno and crossed it with a bad ass Santa Rita male. Steem Og is the result of this breeding. I now have a Steem in flower that I will cross with a Steem Og male, to create the 2nd generation of Steem Og! Now by all means I am no professional like Subcool of TGA genetics. But I may be just as big as a weed nerd as him;)

22 days into flower and they are looking great! No fertilizer used, except 4ml of Cal/Mag per one gallon of RO water. Soil mix Fox Farm, Happy Frog being used.

Now that the pistol formation is well developed it was a perfect time to control polinate with some Steem Og pollen to create the 2nd generation of Steem Og.

First I mark what branches I will pollinate with a zip tie.

Then I dip a q-tip into the collected pollen from the Steem Stud.

Then apply pollen to the tips of the pistols. Be extremely careful, this stuff is very potent, and if you let it, there is enough pollen on my q-tip to seed my entire plant!

Then I use a zip lock baggie to cover and enclose affected area.

Then just leave the baggie on for 48 hours to ensure pollination, and also to stop more pollen to spread. I turn off all fans in the grow during this period as well.

That's how easy it is to make your own seeds!! Hardest part is to wait 6 weeks for the seeds to mature. Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you want some Steem Og for your grow, hit the Canna-Curate banner and hit me up.


Mana for the soul


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Awesome. Learned a bit from this!
Thanks for sharing @jonyoudyer! Nice to see you here!

Most welcome @jonyoudyer
Congratulations for your post.
Thanks for sharing... best of luck


thank you

I am learning already! I have grown some killer in a greenhouse, but I never messed with crossing before. I was told to murder and dispose of my males to prevent seeding and honestly didnt know enough about the process. Thanks for the great advice!


oh i welcome males! ill re post a steem post on how i handle the male soon.

Thanks for enlightening me about plagarism.
It has been noted i will always endeavour to make refrence to my source.
Thanks once again


Excuse me? I don’t follow what you are saying?

Looks dope!

This is amazing. I wish I could try this bud! Following you.

Cool technique with the baggie to control the spread.


yeah i saw it in the grow bible! thanks for checking out my post

Looking mighty good!!

I wanna see this till the end

Pleeeeease I want some seeds! :-) Your plants look so healthy man keep up the good work I am now following.

imma have to try this one day soon! I have mostly been using Feminized seeds but when i buy some bag out here there are always a few seed. maybe ill get a male that i can separate and use for pollen.

BTW how did you collect the pollen of the male?

Awesome post. You have got the green thumb there.

Wow you so popular haha!