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10 months ago

Blue Dream

Love the name, but Blue Dream, is a sativa-dominant hybrid coming straight from Cali. Coming from the west coast it has achieved legendary status among all of West Coast Strains. By crossing a Blueberry Indica with the mighty Sativa Haze, This wonderful Blue Dream Balance a full-body relaxation with just a gentle cerebral invigoration.

This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.

Blue Dream Effects and Attributes

  • Effects

  • Medical

  • Negatives

Blue Dream Genetics and Grow Info

  • Difficulty - Moderate

  • Height - 78 in

  • Yield - 3-6 oz/ft

  • Flowering - 7 - 9 wks

  • Stretch 100-200%

Test Data



Blue Dream Flavors

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Why you post images that are not yours?

Witnesses should know better than to steal.


There does seem to be a partial source at the end, but I'm pretty sure leafly's TOS doesn't permit scraping/extracting data from their site 🤔

Preferably OP, you'd give your own review but follow the same review style (describing positives & negatives).


He only added that source after he was called out.. Also those icons and such are not licensed to be shared like this.

They could DMCA this site cos of this..

A witness should know better, not sure why you vote for him and upvote his posts (like the previous one) that have stolen content as well.


not sure why you vote for him and upvote his posts

Lol don't go over analyzing my every upvote, he's running smoked which is pretty neat - more than other witnesses are doing. Technically the DCMA would go to chronocrypto not, no?

Very nice Bud.
good smoke

Good details and nice review!
Look at these babies :)