📢 🤖 Announcement of public trading bots from RuDex: SpreadTrade and TrailingStop

2 years ago

Hello, RuDex users and the Smoke community!

Today we have prepared for you something entirely new and very useful. So, the RuDex exchange interface got a new section “Bots”, which name speaks for itself.

At the moment there are two bots that offer SpreadTrade and TrailingStop strategies.

Over time, our zoo of public trading bots for Bitshares DEX will be expanded, so we invite all users to subscribe to this blog and check the updates.

We sincerely believe that public bots are crucial tools for development of the DEX and increasing liquidity of the assets on the platform by automating routine actions, and this is the reason why we decided to provide you with those tools. If you are like us and don't mind robots doing all the work for you, then read the instructions below or watch a video tutorial on how to use them to do your bidding.

SpreadTrade bot


Basic settings:

  • base and quote fields specify the trading pair that bot uses;
  • balance field: balance available to the bot for using in base & quote;
  • amount field: the amount of the asset, that is placed in the orders (absolute numbers if the value is chosen, or percentage of the balance if the balance % is chosen);
  • spread field: spread from the center price for every asset pair;
  • default price: the default price, if this isn’t a bitAsset;
  • get a price from the market: sets if to take the price from the market or not;

After starting the bot subscribes for a new block in the blockchain. Every time the new block is received it checks two orders: to buy and sell.

If there is no order, it checks if the new order will be executed on placement with the price equal to feed_price * (1 ± spread / 100) and if the balance is sufficient to place an order with the amount.
If the balance is sufficient and the order wouldn’t be immediately executed, then the new order is placed. After placing the order, the balance field is diminished by amount.

If an order exists, the feed_price is checked against the order price. If the prices differ more than spread / 2, and placing the order at feed_price * (1 ± spread / 100) will not immediately execute it, the bot decides to move the order to feed_price * (1 ± spread / 100).
To that end, it cancels the current order, increments the balance by the amount remaining in the canceled order, and then creates a new order with required price and an amount that is lower between balance and amount.

If the balance field is a number. If the order for the base asset was placed, but after the current check it wasn’t found, then the bot considers an order to be executed. On top of the actions described above, balance for quote asset is incremented by the price of the executed order, and similar checks exist for the quote order.

If the balance field is left blank. Then the bot uses full balance of the account that the bot is running from.

If the balance field is set to “-”, then the asset balance is considered to be 0, and is not changed.

Price calculation. If the get price from market is set, then the price is taken from the market. If the assets are a pair of a smart asset, and core asset (BTS), then the prices are recalculated against base asset using the price, that was taken from the blockchain. For the smartcoin pairs that don’t use the core asset (BTS), the recalculation happens in two steps: the first one calculates price against BTS, and then to the base asset.
For the pairs that only have MPA (or only UIA), there is a check if default price is set. If it is empty, then the bot asks binance.com for a feed. For 2nd tier assets (RUDEX.BTC, OPEN.BTC, etc) the prefixes are dropped. USD matches to USDT. For example the query for OPEN.BTC/OPEN.USD is sent as a BTC/USDT pair.

If the pair doesn’t exist on Binance, then the price is set to 0, and no trading happens.

TrailingStop bot


Basic settings:

  • sellAsset & getAsset: are the asset to sell, and to buy respectively;
  • amount: is the amount of asset to sell;
  • stoploss & minAmount: the price after which an order is created, and the minimum amount of asset from getAsset;
  • trailing percent: the maximum difference between stoploss price and current price.

Stoploss field and minAmount are linked and shown only for the ease of setting up the bot.

After starting the bot subscribes to the new block in the blockchain. Every time after receiving a block it checks the market price.

If the market price is higher than stoploss by more than trailing_percent, then the stoploss price is changed by this difference. If the market price is lower than stoploss + trailing_percent / 3, then the order to sell sellAsset with the stoploss price and amount is placed.

After placing the order the bot stops.

That's all for now! We hope that now it will become even easier for you to maintain SMOKE and other DEX coins without making excessive efforts.

We will be glad to see any feedback from you, so don’t hesitate and write comments under this post. Also, we will answer any of your questions if you have any.

Our crew wishes you a pleasant flight, stay in touch and be sure to try these new marvelous tools.

  • RuDex team

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Thanks for sharing, glad i found this.

thank you so much for sharing & good news for us.

mind blown
Trying this ASAP :)

Good stuff! I just wish I could go to Rudex without getting the dreaded whitescreen.

Seems complex to me, why not an easy to use like Bittrex or Bitshares?


it is a Bitshares, we're one of the gateways


LMAO. Luser.


Awww, did you lose all your shady earnings because you didn't know about the 2000 minimum deposit?

Sucks for you🤷‍♂️


Lol your sitting here whining about how RuDex conducts their behavior (completely legal by the way). Doesn't matter if you've gotten your panties in a twist over it, it's legal. Maybe a "question of morals and ethics" for lack of announcements on Smoke.io..but still completely legal.
"Stop crying like dumb bitches"
I believe is how you put it.. Listen to your own advice.

Since you're likely lacking enough intelligence to understand litigation processes. I will break it down for you.
Go ahead and seek damages for your few dollars worth of missing SMOKE. Spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on legal representation to try and take a business to court that's not even based in your countries jurisdiction, for a few dollars. Though, as soon as any lawyer or legal-aid reads the TOS on RuDex - you'll get laughed out of the building.

If you bought a bottle of Pepsi, but didn't realize it was only 250mls instead of 400ml. Then go and try to sue. Blaming the lack of commercials announcing it and that "you shouldn't have to read the label".

1: You're a complete idiot.

2: EVEN IF YOU WIN (that's a BIG if) , guess what you recieve? A 400ml bottle of Pepsi at best. (In your case, a few dollars). After spending hundreds/thousands on court.

Fuckin genius..

"[RuDex] has stolen nothing, despite how you fucking loser feels."
You bring up some good points

"Get your crybaby ass, pussy ass head out of your loose fucking ass hole and stop whining"
Another bit of your own advice you should listen too.


If you chose to blindly deposit to an exchange without checking the deposit page. That's on you. They clearly state on their website what the deposit minimum is. How would you like them to contact you? Did you give them your phone number or email address?

In crypto, it has always been common practice to double check everything before sending a transaction.


Ever read their Terms of Service?

Basically all exchanges are subject to changes in fees and deposit/withdrawal minimums.

Sorry your lacking the IQ to use an exchange properly. I know.. I get it.. You thought you were smart by automating the process a bit more.

If you were ACTUALLY smart, you'd know that deposits and withdrawals are high risk transactions in Fin-Tech. You'd also, either check often to view changes for your automated process, OR, you'd take it as a failure - learn from it and move on.

Sorry your IQ is so low that simple changes in life completely send you off the rail.