Ten Years of Bitcoin

2 years ago

Bitcoin hit it's 10th Birthday today. What a ride it has been. In many ways I believe Satoshi Nokomoto (the creator or source of bitcoin) knew from that very day he introduced his/her white paper, how popular his/her creation would become. He/she know in many ways the sole idea of internet currency, with no limitation or restrictions, transparency, and security would take the entire planet by storm.


Bitcoin started off as a cool way to interact and transact with friends, mining currency, and learning about cryptography. I believe many of the early, large capital investors found bitcoin in 2011. Even though the cryptocurrency right now is sitting much lower than the ATH. It's seen massive growth. Investors only 6 years ago paid one dollar for what is now worth over 6000 dollars.

That's an incredible amount of growth. If you look at the crypto market as a whole. It's growing, more developers are joining. The entire space grows even more diverse by the day. This is good for the internet as I believe blockchain technology can improve many aspects of humanity. It can bring people from all cultures and backgrounds together.

Bitcoin turning 10 years old is a milestone. This reason being, it has lasted an entire decade without being hacked, or 51% attacked. This gives technologies like Smoke and Steem a lot of hope, as Dan and Ned based much of Smoke/Steem's technology under the influence of Satoshi's whitepaper. The whitepaper I feel is important, as it defines what P2P currency is. Bitcoin Pioneer Ross Ulbrich wrote a letter about Bitcoin's birthday, celebrating 10 years of use, and he did so from his prison cell. You can find it here.

The battle for the future P2P money is currently underway, what coin(s) will you hold?

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very nice piece of work here brother, happy birthday bitcoin!

Great stuff makes me feel strong about the what the present can become!