Polymer Smoke Session

7 months ago

-Greetings from the fractal space-


-I hope you are having a smokey day-

I recently got into polymer clay. It got my attention as much as tiedye did. Being able to craft my own little accessories and items is just wonderful. It got me so entangled yesterday that I didn't smoke so much the whole day. I was locked in my room from 9 till 17 playing around with it and trying out different things, shapes and techniques. I watched a dozen tutorials on it and read different trick and tips for using it. The scale of sculptures people do with them is amazing. It really got me charmed. Of course I will also attempt to do some Smoke items. To try to spread the name of Smoke even further in the world. Even more, to more people. I actually did attempt to make the Smoke logo but as it was my first attempt at anything with polymer I messed up the temperature aperently because it came out dark in coloration.


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That sounds awesome! I’m a big new hobby collector! Enjoy your new found fun. I’ll look forward to seeing your imagination in polymer 👍


Thanks. I'll do my best.

Hell yeah that was awesome cheers


Thank you. I still got a long way to go.