Little Smoke Man Stories... Canna Cookies time..🍪

last year

Little Smoke Man's new life stories...

Today Little Smoke Man's friend suggested him to make Canna cookies.. So Little Smoke Man and his girlfriend start to cook delicious canna cookies... :D


THANK YOU for your attention.
leave me a comment and tell me what is your opinion about my artwork..
It will make me happy to see your comments... :)

Enjoy your Life and Be Happy..🌿

#drawing #painting #cannabis

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The family is growing. Is Little Smoke Man's kids in the future? LOL


LMAO I was thinking the same exact thing. Great minds...




haha maybe .. but not in near future :))))

Awesome job like how expressive they are portrayed, really nice job.


thank you @iis3ns <3

Nice art work


thank you @lurvie-b <3

  ·  last year

@zpzn with the increasing popularity of cannabis,it might be worth you getting a copyright ? ; it has big potential (i.m.o) online publication on blockchain,maybe linked to


thank you for commenting @iah <3 good idea 😎