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Little Smoke Woman and Books...

Hi Friends,

Little Smoke Woman is interested in reading books, and every day she adds to the number of books she has read ... 💚


Thank you.. 🌿

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The more she reads, the smarter she gets 🙏💚


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I posted this free book for her a few days ago.

Found this for Free on Kindle today....

Looks like a ton of great information here.


In The Divine Miracle Plant:

Kaneh Bosm alias Hemp, Cannabis Marijuana, Ed Rychkun takes you on a journey which brings to light the plight of the most unique and controversial plant on the planet.

You will find this book a compedium of history and evolution of the strange, astounding dioecious plant Cannabis. For thousands of years of sacred use and tradition, the plant Keneh Bosm freely provided its power of healing oils and elixers. Thought of as a divine gift of the gods, Keneh Bosm was used by Jesus as the annointing oil and healing elixers to create miracles.

This ancient history is kept a secret and deleted anywhere it is posted.

Except here on

In its smoke form it has provided ancient religions with a means of higher awareness of the Divine connection and self discovery. In the last century, known as Cannabis it fell from grace to become the Dope and Rope duo named Marijuana and Hemp.

So sad ....

After prohibition on the grounds that marijuana was a dangerous addictive drug with no medical value, in 2005, the US government filed a patent to develop new antioxidant drugs while adhearing to its statement of having no medical value; arresting 8.2 million people from 2001 to 2010.

When money is involved things go wrong ....

With the discovery of endocannaboids, and the homeostatic synergy to the human endocannanbinoid system came the discovery of hundreds of compounds with far reaching mental and physical effects on the mind and human body.

This is still being kept a secret.

With 162 million adults worldwide risking criminal laws to harvest, research and use this unique plant for recreational and miraculous medical results, it has been found that not only is it a gateway to higher consiouness, but it provides the means to heal hundreds of diseases including cancer by boosting the body endocannabinoid system to support homeostacis and healing.

This is still a secret. Too Much potential money involved for the Elite. 1%

Ed explains and reference a plethora of new worldwide research supporting thousands of eco-friendly solutions to food, energy, fuel, and industrial products that could impact the planet and assist in cleanup of man’s destructive path of industrilization. As a divine miracle plant, research has uncovered hundreds of compounds that are a mirror of the human systems found to promote homeostacis and well being down to a neurological and cellular level.

The notorious drug THC has been found to produce an altered state equal to that preceding sucessful miracle healing cases, lowering brain waves to Alpha and eliminating stress cascades of the HPA axis in the body.

Incredible revelations are being discovered daily indicating the power of CBD/THC oils and the acid forms of CBDa/THCa. This book provides over 400 references to to take you on a journey from ancient history to current revelations on the plant Cannabis. You will come to understand the positive side of this unique plant to see why it can be the most importnt medical rediscovery of all time; and why it is truly the Divine Miracle Plant.

You will understand how this plant can benefit you. Ed ends with his Epilogue which shows how the effect of unatural prescription drugs creates a negative entourage effect and how he implemented his cannabis oil based homeostacis solution to effect a holistic healing approach; what he and other professionals are now coming to realize as the greatest medical discovery ever.

“Imagine a plant that’s inhabited this planet for thousands of years, at one with our atmosphere, serving man’s basic needs, being discovered to exist in each of us as our own Endocannabinoid system. It is truly a Divine Miracle Plant. I am so thankful, and grateful to have an opportunity to improve every human beings’ life, and develop cannabis and hemp products eradicate pain, and improve mankind’s health and the health of our Mother planet Earth.

Ed Rychkun has the wisdom, foresight, and dedication to All of us, in bringing us The Divine Miracle Plant. God bless each and everyone of us by reading this book, and taking steps to a healthier, happier life through Cannabis.” Robert DiDonato, CEO, International Sovereign Treaty Co. Good Earth Hemp Company