Today there was a moment to start an art for Smoke! I want my art to be as bright as the first cannabis flavor))

2 years ago

Hello smokers! How is your preparation for the New Year? Stock up on cannabis? :) hehe)

Today there was a moment to start an art for Smoke! But it's already night, my eyes are closing, so I can't make art in color. I hope that I will succeed all tomorrow.

I want my art to be as bright as the first cannabis flavor))

The effect of marijuana on art

Many artists experimented with cannabis, among which many throughout their lives used marijuana to stimulate the creative process.

The French artist Eugene Delacroix, who was a member of the Paris Club Hashishin, was known for his rich imagination and the use of expressive colors in his paintings, which marked the beginning of the creative genre of expressionism. On his canvas, "Women of Algeria" depicts young concubines smoking hookah. This work later served as inspiration for another famous expressionist artist who also used hashish - Pablo Picasso.

Marijuana and increased thinking

With proper use, hemp can cause many positive changes in the processes of thinking and perception of the world. There are many stories from different cultures and times that attribute these properties to marijuana. 

Stories speak of a multitude of sensations: 

concentrated attention and an unusual sensation of perception of reality as a single current moment here and now; enhanced sensory perception, the ability to identify even the smallest details; 

the revival of imagination and clarity of episodic memory, accompanied by unusual associative thinking and the flow of creative thought; 

the ability to recognize oneself and judge one’s life and character from the outside; 

increased empathy for other sentient beings and the ability to focus your mind on intellectual issues.

 "... the real experience of marijuana consumption is hidden from the public behind the densea veil of lies made by a horde of pretenders who never smoked it,but at the center of the propaganda against it. "(c) 

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997). 

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Thank you Smoke for the warm welcome! I am happy to join your team!

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love your tattoo :) merry cannabis to you too ))


thank you vladivostok

Merry Cannabis


Thaaank yooou! )

Please paint it, psychedelic.


I think finish this art today)

I'm loving it! Keep it up!!!