Some more free to use promotional images

26 days ago

I been playing in Deep Dream again

I used a photo of the critical mass and put it through deep dream. I played with different marketing ideas to promote the site. Which one do you like best.











So what do you think

Which one does you like the best? Feel free to use these to promote Do you have an idea for a slogan you would like to see on some of the deep dream cannabis art I do? If so leave it in the comments below. If I use your suggestion I will send you 42 smoke.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit at least for a while as you never know who has coronavirus and are asymptomatic. There is a treatment that works the hydroxychloroquine and a z-pack works wonders, the issue is getting your hands on it. Be safe stay healthy and remember our governments can not be trusted.



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Well if @stoner don't fix sign up or have community sign up promotions is useless


Sign up taking a bit is not different than most other blockchains especially in the early stages. But streamlining sign up is something that needs to be done eventually. Along with other things that need to be done, but likely won't till we grow more.

I like number 5

Good fumes