Possible new art for smoke swag

5 months ago

So I am working on some new designs for the swag I give away

So you all are gonna get a few art pieces in the coming days and weeks. As I like to get your input on the designs that goes on the swag. So todays art is some chillum pipe art.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


Image 6

9df34ad87b91e4a60da16bd3336f4eecfe3ca917 (1).jpg

Image 7

9df34ad87b91e4a60da16bd3336f4eecfe3ca917 (2).jpg

Image 8

9df34ad87b91e4a60da16bd3336f4eecfe3ca917 (3).jpg

Image 9

9df34ad87b91e4a60da16bd3336f4eecfe3ca917 (4).jpg

So let me know in the comments

What your favorite image is. I am a big girl and can take it if your not a fan of any of them. So if you don't like them it is okay and you can say so.

For those who are wondering

I used deep dream generator to create these from a photo I took. I love creating art from photos that I have taken. This is the photo the images were created from.


Till next time stoners

It is 4:20.somewhere so puff puff pass




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From image 5 to image 9 feels like the visual progression of an lsd trip :D


I’ve been there! Definitely spacey.


I wondered if anyone was gonna pick up on that. That was the intent with those images.


I noticed. Been loving those deep dream photos ever since my first time. Which was extremly trippy, spiritual, visual, audiotorial and fascinating.

Great designs by the way. And yes, i myself is a big fan of art.
Image 5 was my favorite.

I got lost in this trippy images :)


Smoke some weed, that will help :D

I love them all but my favorite would be image 5, because of the deep dream oldschool look, trippines. And I can see a lot of animals there. Like an croc on the left side and cricket on the front. I love it.