Deep Dream: Double Dream

last year

Thinking this series should be call trippy dreams

Or maybe even Triple Dream since I put my Double Dream Strain through deep dream last night as I was in the parking lot of a hospital waiting on my husband to be seen by a doctor. We still don't know what is wrong, but we know a few things that it isn't. He wasn't having an anxiety attack or a heart attack, he doesn't have the flu and they don't think he has CoVid-19 and if he does it is acting weird as he doesn't have a fever. But he is having chest pains, trouble breathing a splitting headache and a sore throat, but no coughing. So if he has CoVid-19 it is hitting his body differently. But out of all the tests they did they did not test him for that. They are not sure what kind of bug he caught cause everything came back negative. They also didn't give him any medication cause they don't know what is wrong. Which has me a little worried for my husband. But they did send him back him. But during those 5 hours I had to distract myself and this is partly how I did it. I hope you find some joy and a few minutes of distraction viewing these images.



























The Original



So these are the images

To be honest even while making these it wasn't much of a distraction. I am not sure what is wrong with my husband and in normal times they would not have just released him with chest pains without figuring it out. I am scared he mught have CoVid-19. As a contractor in his place of employment tested positive, then a second contractor, the a employee whose wife has it started showing signs. Now two people in my husband's department are sick my husband and another person on another shift. My husband and I have been social distancing but I figure if he gets it so will I. His work did not follow proper procedures and protocols and I am pissed they exposed their employees by not doing screening and allowing contractors inside.

I am not scared for myself, I know the odds of survival are good and I am not scared to die, I don't want to but I am not scared to. But I am scared of losing my husband. I have only had hin for 18 years that isn't enough time. I am angry that the health care industry isn't testing for CoVid-19 till peope are near death. And today I woke with a headache which I hope is due from the lack of sleep cause that was the first thing my husband had symptoms wise. So now anything that might be normal we can't help but question. And the fact the tests they did run came back negative, the few people we have known that had been able to get limited care before their diagnosis was told similar shit my husband was told.

I am exhausted and tired. I am worried and I can focus. My plans of what I want to do and need to do. I haven't been able to focus on anything and am behind in my work and project. I will get it done but I never before have ever missed dates of completion without constantly working on it to get it as close as the promised date. Part of it was the increase in edible sales, part of it was getting supplies for my parents and other compromised immune people. But this last week after finding out there was exposure the stress levels in our house went up.



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Hope all will work out for you. Keep in mind, the virus that just so happens to be Covid, also is the same virus family as the common cold. With the added world wide catastrophe and daily minute by minute talks of people losing the battle, it is hard for ones mind not to immediately jump to the worst case scenarios. It is a shame what is happening at some of the hospitals around the country, but it is also a shame that now normal health care has to take a back seat to the virus as in your husband’s situation. I don’t disagree with the world wide reaction to this new virus, but then I must disagree with the world reaction to cancer, diabetes, or any other world wide disease which is currently leading the death race this year.


thanks relay and you are right it is hard not to think of the worst case especially when 2 of the deaths in your home county was friends with your mother and another case, though he did recover is your little cousin. So for us two out of three that we have know confirmed cases have died. So yeah it really is a mind thing right now.

The Covid Choas is hitting everyone, but panic will make it worse. I pray for your husband to recover his health soon.


the biggest issue right now is they are not testing people like they should or treating them. We have been trying to get him tested for 3 days now and keep getting turned away. And was told today if he worked at a grocery store they would test him but because he works in a food manufacturing plant he is Shit out of Luck and won't be tested unless his fever goes above 103 and or his blood oxygen levels gets down to 50% or less. It is mind blowing to say the least, especially when our governor announced if you have a high BMI you can get tested. Wait if you are fat you can get tested but if you been exposed and work in the food supply chain showing symptoms you can't get tested. Yeah I am beyond panic that is now gone and now I am totally fucking Pissed off.

I hope you are always healthy, you and your husband, this is an issue that all the people around the world are involved in, I hope that everything will return to normal soon...

i like #11, makes me think of a sky made of cannabis 😊

I like #9, it looks like real snakeskin!