Cool stoner lights I found

6 months ago

I didn't buy any of them

Cause at $25 each they seemed a little salty to me. But I did think they were cool and wanted to share them with you my readers. I even grabbed their business card at the festival we went to for the seller so if anyone wants to order one contact [email protected] the company is called Essence of Blessings and Light.



I have never seen anything like these before

And loved they had stoner related ones. They also have other designs including ones that look like minions. (Sorry I didn't take a photo of that one) I was gonna buy one of them to give away till she said they cost $25. If I do eventually buy one I will be buying it for me and not to give away. Sorry guys but I am cheap.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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I would be a little skeptic also at $25, although i think this is something that's better to judge in person as well... Nonethless I think the pattern(s)/design(s) look very cool. 👍


it was like a mix of a plastic type material and a paper material so that is why I didn't buy it at that price, had they been $10 I would have bought but at $25 nope.

pretty cool :)


They are pretty cool but seemed salty for what they are made from. That is mainly why I didn't buy.

Thats so awesome thanks for sharing cheers