Check out this unique pipe

6 months ago

Was at a friend's house

We went to visit a friend and he says hey you all want to smoke some Strawberry Fields and of course we were like yes. So we go into his smoke room and he pulls out this pipe. I never seen a pipe like this before and asked if I could take photos of it to share on my blog. Cause this pipe is bad ass. You can hit it from either in using the opposite end for the carb. This pipe is a piece of art.


He said it was customed made

That a glass blower friend of his customed made it for him. But this pipes design is bad ass so if you ever see something like this for sale, let me know cause I want one like this.

The Strawberry Fields

Has a nice taste and raw smell but has a smell of cat piss after it is burnt. Like seriously hate that smell. But I would buy that strain cause of the taste and buzz. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.



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Is it couple pipe?
Like that scene with spaghetti...


LOL he did make a joke that is was bisexual as it went both ways. He also called it the dick sucking pipe. Which made us laugh our asses off. LOL


Haha... innovative man

lol what if one side blew into it? 😂


I would imagine it would take ones breathe away that was puffing both the smoke and the blow from the other person.