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2 years ago

Good morning or afternoon or evening dear community! A huge hug from me and big smokes.

In this opportunity I want to present you another artistic work which I created yesterday night .

Inspired a bit in depression, the sub culture "sad boy" I made this collage which has a message related to it.


(I create art to be able to pay for my yerba which does not last me)

"Sad boys"

typically a young teen guy that listens to music such as cloud rap and vaporwave. They also enjoy wearing black and white clothes with sad faces or Japanese lettering. some even wear bucket hats and enjoy drinking Arizona iced tea. they are generally depressed and long for a girl to fix that,however they somewhat enjoy the fact that they are sad.

Sad boys

Implementing this theme with the visual arts I created a small collage with some touches retros.

I called: "Save my heart"

This adorable girl has suffered a love disappointment for which she wants to be saved, the consumption of certain substances, alcohol, depression, suicidal instincts have taken her to this state of mind, she has sought to heal her heart by escaping from the city which has led her to be a cold woman and hard to love ...

I've called her "Susan"

And thanks to her I have been able to inspire to bring you this art ...

The following images are the resources used for this, the program that I have used is only photoshop


The following images are the resources used.


A beutifull girl "Susan"



A long road



Urban landscape (1)



Urban landscape (2)



Signaling (1)



Signaling (2)


In addition to this, I prepared a small GIF with which I show a little the composition process.


No more to say, and nothing more than just thank you for your visit.

Thank you very much, if you have something more to tell me about this art, let me know in the comment box.

Original content and art created by: @softuno84


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