"The Screamer"

6 months ago

I recently had a #customrig commissioned by my good friend Stoney over at Mohican Glass! This man does phenomenal glasswork in general so im excited to showcase some of his work to you guys.IMG_20190814_122931_936.jpg! My order came with a 5 accessories :
2 different carb caps, a set of quartz terp balls, banger, and a matching dab nail.IMG_20190814_122931_942.jpg If youd like to place an order in California contact him via instagram! @mohicanglass

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you'd like to see more work like this let me know!

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That's indeed a very nice rig. Congrats on your commission and ownership. 🤘

Heddy as fuck! Is it by anychance an Alex Stebby collab? Stebs is one of my favorite glass artists - those teeth look very familiar lol

Edit: Just noticed your profile says you're a bud tender. Which shop you at? I used to GM a small chain of them in Vancouver. Miss the life tbh.


Stoney Whiteman apprenticed under Dawg House Glass but now does his own projects from home.

I myself am a budtender for Phenos in Cen-Cal.