My Simple Promotional Design #1

3 months ago



Indeed, advertisement have huge effect toward the goal of object/distribution. In this case, the most playable advertisement in the public feed was the art. Yup, visual treatment has the surplus point in public consumed. What we talked about is related to the combination between the Art & Advertisement. In the advertisement cases, those combination art and ads. represented in a Promotion, Brochure and etc.

The most effected part was promotional within the art touched. As it will created some good result toward public feed. Yup! That is why promotional design have useful and inportant part toward certain project. In this case, our was the object as the promotional part.

So, by the combination with the simple art and words (Rhetoric) will created the best promotional design as it will effected to the progress of the object. Based on what I learn, there are no need too much art touched which flowed theough the promotional design, but the only need is your unique, creative ideas and simple (minimalize) design, as I made these following 3 of my promotional design in simple art touching.

1. Promotional Design as Poster


In poster types, I tried to make the better visual which is focused the reader to the title of ads, as you can see #Smoke logo was my concentratiom to make reader get the point of what the poster is. This one probably increased reader curiousity as they read the title and will try to search what is all about.

2. Promotional Design as Banner


In banner design, things that I focused tend to ask people to join, by giving the bold types through the words (Join) people will think Do we should join!. By the time they think, actually they will search what is all about.

3. Promotional Design as Brochure


Meanwhile, promotional in brochure design is all completed ads, which is mean you need more than one topics to flowed through the design. As I made the main topic and the title within the brochure to make the visual treatment pointed out clearly through reader.


Those following simple promotional design was inspirated by my experience in designed my small business orientation. So, I tried to applied with smoke as the contribution to the community. Feel free to use it as you wishes, my smoke fellas!


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