A Discreet Way to Smoke

in #art
6 months ago

Discreet Bracelet Pipe

I saw on another post, I believe it was the show me your roach contest someone had featured a pretty neat and very discreet bracelet pipe.

The stealthness of this pipe is cool, but I'm not a big fan of smoking out of metal. That said I may be able to deal with it for the stealth effect of this pipe, great to take to a concert or something along those lines.

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Wow. In 2018 we will have flying cars. No, this! Cool product.

And yep it was the Roach Sunday post. I too am not a fan of smoking out of metal but these are pretty cool but in reality I don't know how discreet they really are but I thought it was cool af when I saw it and knew it would be a good Roach Sunday prize...

just tabacco?n muajajaja

oh, imagine the smell when you finished smoking and put it back on...Looks neat and all, but not very practical.