A woman who dreams of a young prince. \ Original drawing .

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4 months ago

A woman who dreams of a young prince.

Женщина мечтающая о юном королевиче.

With her mind she understands, but with her heart she cannot believe that everything is already behind.

Умом она понимает, но сердцем не может поверить, что все уже позади.
And it is not known what will be more to the right, mind or heart, life is not predictable and God knows how to make gifts.
И не известно еще что будет правее , разум или сердце, жизнь не предсказуема и Бог умеет делать подарки.

Cardboard, wax pens, iron, black marker .
Картон,восковые карандаши,утюг, черный маркер .



img1373_новый размер.jpg

A kiss for the prince.
Воздушный поцелуй для принца.



Author @RomanSkv

Russia Rybinsk


Published for the first time.

Публикуется впервые.

Peace all.

Всем мира.




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этот пост только об тех женщинах кто живет в иллюзиях, но если Вы не из таких, то у Вас всегда все впереди несмотря на вечность и весь мир у Вас на ладони
this post is only about those women who live in illusions, but if you are not one of those, then you always have everything ahead in spite of eternity and the whole world in your palm

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We as a community strive to keep this platform associated to Cannabis and all regarding this culture. This is what you can read in the whitepaper. Also, this will be more beneficial to the value of the platform and price of SMOKE, which is the whole point of all this journey.

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If you do not smoke or do not have anything related to this, be a part of the community by commenting other posts and curating. This way you will earn much more than spam posting.

This was just heads up and a friendly advice as sometimes posts like these might get flagged, especially if you continue to post after warnings. This is in no way censorship, you may continue to post whatever you like. All the best in your adventure here!

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Пожалуйста посоветуйте тег где бы я не мешал некоторым негостеприимным людям и мог публиковать свое творчество что бы его видели, если вы хотите популяризировать коноплю то вам надо быть дружелюбнее
Please advise the tag where I would not interfere with some inhospitable people and could publish my work to see it, if you want to popularize cannabis, then you need to be friendlier


Steem, scorum, whaleshares...
I can't understand why is it so hard to grasp that this community is about cannabis and for the token to have a value it should stay that way.
Is there any more friendlier advice than the one I wrote. So much information on how to succeed, all in a friendly manner...
I do not wan't and did not want to insult you nor your work in any way. Sorry for that


я о другом... у вас должен быт тег вроде разное, другое или без конопли арт, у вас есть здесь такие теги ?
I'm talking about something else ... you should have a tag like #different #any or #withouthempart, do you have such tags here?


No, because we focus on cannabis, that is the point of platform and for it to succeed it should stay that way. Because only this will bring value to token and only this will differ us from other similar platforms


Вы как ведь понимаете что политика запретов не приведет ни к чему хорошему, боковые ветви тегов тоже нужны для разнообразия и развлекательных целей, чем больше контента тем лучше токену при условии нормальной навигации по ресурсу
After all, you understand that the ban policy will not lead to anything good, the side branches of tags are also needed for a variety of entertainment purposes, the more content the better the token provided it is easy to navigate through the resource


Not entirely true. First of all there is no ban. I am not forbidding you anything. This is just guidelines for you to succeed here, and for us to gain value.

If I want to entertain myself I would go to youtube. I come here for cannabis news. Let me try with analogy.
Do you go to opera house and start singing metal? Just because it needs diversity. Do you go to opera house to listen to opera? Would you say that every Opera House needs a circus because it's more entertaining?


На успех я не рассчитываю, а если вам наскучит опера то вы полезете в смартфон и будете смотреть котиков а если любите оперу то будете наслаждаться ею, должен быть выбор и разнообразие в одной социальной экосистеме, глупо выгонять пользователей на сторонние ресурсы и терять взаимодействие с ними
I do not count on success, but if you get bored with opera, you will climb into the smartphone and watch the cats, and if you want opera again, you will continue to enjoy it, there must be choice and diversity in one social ecosystem, it’s foolish to chase users away on third-party resources and lose interaction with them


Вы делаете из конопли идола из социальной экосистемы секту, конопля не панацея хоть и полезная вещь
You make a hemp idol from the social ecosystem of the sect, hemp is not a panacea though a useful thing