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A man who loves to tease others

Человек который любит дразнить окружающих.

Cardboard, wax pens, iron, black marker and a bit of nonsense.
Картон,восковые карандаши,утюг, черный маркер и немного бреда.

img1419_новый размер.jpg

img1405_новый размер.jpg


Author @RomanSkv

Russia Rybinsk


Peace all.

Всем мира.




only art

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I see. Just crossposting and dumping the same everywhere.

No interest about topic, just penny pinching for as many rewards as possible and hope that get thousands of follows on all accounts?

Did you check out the content guidelines and the whitepaper for the smoke blockchain?

Did you notice this is a cannabis focused platform, not yet another generalized blogging chain? If you did... do you care?


I'm sorry, I haven’t settled down here yet, I believe that my work falls under the changed perception and I would like to publish my content here, and these are recent works and I will publish whenever possible wherever possible wherever possible and does not violate the rules


And if that’s your attitude... don’t be surprised if you’re going to be flagged whenever and every time you publish here.

To avoid that you actually settle down because 3 posts in 20 minutes, complete with links is flooding.

Cannabis I should “changed perception”? Nah, cannabis a healthy plant and other than those who use it for the sedative and pain killing terms, we are fully capably without “changed perception”.

We appreciate art but we are very passionate about our niche. Cannabis is why we’re here. Not “changed perception”.

We are not DeviantArt.

You could at the very least introduce yourself and actually try to be a part of the community. You will he rewarded more than when considering the place as yet another place to dump your whatever.


This is not (anything) but my creativity, I try and I want as many people as possible to see it in different sensations, I have a lot of material, but if possible I will publish only fresh, I do not count on anything, but I hope the good


Are you just a user or are you an administrator or moderator of this resource?
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We are a community, a decentralized community who subscribed to the Smoke whitepaper.

There is no administration as such in decentralized environments. Just a whitepaper and upvotes/flags.


как я понял , вас расстроило что я опубликовал 4 поста сразу ? если это так то это было сделано чтобы заполнить пустоту нового аккаунта, в будущем такое будет происходить значительно реже
As I understand it, you are upset that I published 4 posts at once? if so, then this was done to fill the void of a new account, in the future this will happen much less often


Upset is such an ugly word. It requires that I am emotionally involved with your operations.

I care about this platform, its community, and its topical niche. I tried “guiding” you a little about what matters here.

Don’t flatter yourself, you couldn’t upset me. 🦇


Then it’s just a misunderstanding, I explained my motivation to you, I understood your advice and I’ll have it in mind, I’ll only have creativity and photos of walks, only my personal content, good day to you and forgive me for not understanding

are you an alien?


yes, of course)
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