What to do with those old stems...

last year

Got bored a bit tonight...

Been staring at this stalk for about a year now. Was going to make a cane but that never transpired. So let’s make a pipe...









Kind of cool..tastes like shit...Needs a lot more cannabis seasoning. That’s odd, it’s cannabis. Yet it tastes like wood.

What does your stoned self do to pass the down time?

Until next time Toe Toe Toke it up..



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I did this one years ago with a stalk from a friend of mine. Wish I still had it.

Good device, and most importantly natural

I want that pipe XD


It’s rudimentary...still needs som work.

Wow! Nice innovations haha!

Yeah these are great & easy to make because the inside is hollow already. Made one once that was over half a meter.
Thanks for sharing & insipiring!