Kief art

3 months ago


10th of a gram

I collected another 0.1 g out of the grinder after this kief art session. seems like it was more though.


kief galore

#cannabis #canna-curate #kief #kiefart #smoke #smokeio #art

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So many crystals

Crazy amount of kief, should start throwing some icing on the volcano buds. You pulled off the kief art in my books, i could easily make it the the online dope spot with that kief calligraphy :)


I occasionally do all kiefers

Nice man, this gave me an idea, I want to plant a bunch of seeds to sprout out the words smoke, or maybe I will start simple with 420!


Wld like to see seedling letters .nice idea.


Do it!

Nice :)

I've been meaning to work on some art as well, thanks for reminding me. :D