Donald Duck "I was high" meme, this shit funny as hell though

in #art
last year

I came across this mean and at first when I looked at it, I was like, wtf, it's just a upside down Doland Duck, then I saw it. lmfao, I almost fell out my chair I laughed so hard. This shit is funny as hell. The Universe playin little jokes here and there. I just wanted to share that with everybody. This shit was just funny as hell to me.

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Even though this is funny offtopic post, not art, made me laugh, I woild like to upvote it but my SP is too low.



It's all good bro! I'm just glad I made you laugh, this shit was funny as hell to me bro, hahaha, it just looks so funny though. How could this happen? hahaha


That picture to the right reminds me an immoral clown. Offtopic or not, I must upvote this.

Weird. I saw it clear as a bell when I first glanced at the pic. Now I can't see it anymore. Like the magic eye schooner picture from Mallrats.

Oh wait. There he is!! haha! sweet!


This shits funny as hell man, lmfao, it's just so funny to me.