Creative Series: "Fridge magnets-Clay modeling"

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7 months ago

Creating fridge magnets is one of my occupations and something I like to do in my spare time. I think this whole process might interest you. It is completely DIY and handmade.


It takes roughly about 2 months to finish a magnet. First thing I need to do, which is shown here, is to create the clay model of the magnet I wanna have. Once the model is dried it is time to put it into some plastic container and glue it to the bottom.

Next step is pouring thin layers of liquid latex. Every 12 hours 1 layer, minimum amount should be 30 layers which equals to 15 days minimum. When this dries we have mold. Once I have finished mold of model I can create as many magnets as I want in no time.

I only need to pour in some liquid gypsum or plaster in mold and wait for it to dry. When it has dried I take it out and paint it as I want. After that it needs some small magnets that can be ordered online to be glued to the back.

Here is the first step in creating this. Finished two models.



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That is totally badass just saying...


Well thank you. When they are done you'll be getting one for sure. Need to design one or two specifically for smoke.



Wow. Really like that joint magnet.


Still not magnet, needs more time and work.

These are great!!!


Glad you liked them.

The texture on the joint paper turned out awesome.


It is what you make of it.

Man those would make for some cool gifts!


I know, some of them will be.

That's beautiful, I love them. 😁


Glad you do so.